Edith Roller – October 16, 1976 – Saturday

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We arrived at Buttonwillow at 7.15 and stayed about an hour.

I ran, started my lunch.  Viola Godshalk had told me last night she’d like to speak to me, so I found her and talked with her.  I been afraid she had had more trouble with Rocki and was going to ask if she moved in with me as my room mate.  Although I like Viola, she is a rather talkative and looking and after her transportation and perhaps other needs might be time-consuming, but I would have found it hard to refuse her, especially as she and Ray Godshalk had been good to me when I was new in the Temple.  I had been right about trouble with Rocki.  Rocki had been rude and unfriendly with a black woman in her 80’s and Viola had argued with her.  Later, however, Rocki had apologized to her.  Viola said she didn’t want to trouble the Temple to move her when they had so much to do.

I read the newspaper, then slept.

We arrived in Los Angeles at 11.15.

I changed clothes on the bus.

I had enough time to eat breakfast at the Temple.  Had shredded wheat and a pair of cinnamon roll.

Sat in the back of the Temple and wrote in my journal.

Had a picture taken for a membership card in the annex, as I had lost my previous one.  Mike Rozynko is still in charge of the operation.

The service started at 2.00.

Rides were arranged.  Attendance seemed sparse and responses came slowly.

Norman asked for a special contribution, everyone to handle a need which had to be taken care of immediately.  Response seemed good.

Rob Christian asked for food donations for tonight’s dinner.  Norm made an appeal for help in distributing the Temple newspaper today and for pamphleting.

Norm described the ___ ___ in the p.l.

Norm took offering by sum.

Johnny Brown testified.  He said on this trip Jim preached as he never had before, particularly in Chicago.

Other testimonials.  Mary Wotherspoon was raised from the dead on the trip in Harlem , New York.

Another offering taken.

Choir sang.

Another offering.

Tape of Chicago sermon.  Pentecostalism if practiced would save the world.  Muslims in Day of Pentecost had all things in common.  No church manifested int.  People do not ever get ____ of life.  Explanation of holiness, unselfishness.  When you see him you will have to be like him.

Jim’s coming soon referred to throughout the service.

Johnny Brown gave revelations from Jim during which he made another appeal for offering.

Congregation comes to altar.

Service out about 6.15.

Saw Beulah.  She said she was all packed, ready to move to San Francisco and hoped I could find another place to stay.  I was resigned to staying in the church.  Few people stayed to offer rides. A woman volunteered to take Lela Murphy and me.  Several others probably did not get places to stay.  I saw downstairs Tom Fitch and Betty with 5 weeks old baby who apparently had to stay in church.

Lela and I ate downstairs.

Our hostess, Nina Saunders, took home besides Lela and me, her grandmother, Lillian Johnson, her friend, Newhuanda Darnes and the little 6 year old Naja Darnes.

We got home around 7.00.

I read in Radicalism in America for a while.  Went to bed at 9.00.  Lela and I had a bed and room to ourselves.