Edith Roller – October 17, 1976 – Sunday

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Up at 7.30.  First in bathroom.

Breakfast.  Plenty but starchy: hot cereal, toast, grape jelly, fried potatoes, gravy, cinnamon rolls, Sanka, with orange juice for young people.

Nina a little fussy about housekeeping but remarked that we were “congenial.”  She used to work for a millionaire in the East for years in charge of everything.  Then she was a worker in dietician’s office in a hospital, had much responsibility.  She had drawn away from old religion realizing people were supporting their preachers in luxury.  She was very independent, afraid of giving it up in communal living.

We left for Temple at 10.15.

Lela told me Mother LeTourneau was not well, son came to get her, she with him now.

Talked with Muriel Yaley and Mildred Madison.  Muriel just had another operation for tumors in the bladder.  Mildred was questioning why? When Jim cold cure them with a wave of the hand.  Hey said they were uncertain about moving to San Francisco.

Rob Christian opened service at 11.00.  He announced our Father in the body was present.

Jim appeared a little after 12.00 during testimonials.

Rick Cordell told of some episodes of the past few weeks.

Choir sang.

Rejoicing and congregational singing.

“I have just returned from heaven.”

We won the case involving the custody of children.  He didn’t get children and has to pay child support.

From June to 1 October, 8 new buildings, lake stocked with fish being constructed.  Met government officials.  All American projects closed down.  Referral to Cuban [Cubana Flight 455 October 6. 1976 near Barbados]  plane brought down.  Caribbean brought closer together.  Several people rounded up who were involved.  Jim prevented from getting on that plane.  Left there Friday night.  Instead of people demoralized, big gatherings in Havana and in Guyana in show of solidarity.  Couldn’t have been more help.  Kill off of socialists, draw all other socialists together.  Plan to murder Castro and plan foiled.  Venezuela cooperated.  Tuesday Jim will meet Mondale.  Political system wants our support.   Jim going to warn Carter of CIA threat. They will kill other presidents.

Guyana officials say American economic system about to collapse.  Will lead to ___ ___ ___ of moving much more promptly our elders need to relax.  Some people didn’t come to church, offerings fell down.  Have to buy freighter. Will move ___ food supplies we ant to sell, will come right to our property.  Will carry 200 people.  No mosquitoes bite us in the p.l.  Americans were expelled.  They were growing opium.  We could use generator.  We need more equipment.  Jim saw what Grubbs could achieve if sent to p.l.  Has set up socialist work study program.  Darren Swinney didn’t know his alphabet, now reading a 4th grade level.  Tommy Kice remarkable improvement.  Ronny Beikman couldn’t see relationships. Now doing math.  Have thoughts of educating children of rich to raise money.  Marrian Griffith child straightened out.  ____ who is well and won’t steal anything.  Tommy Bogue was using drugs there, made fudge in p.l.

Need $30,000 for freighter, with $50,000 for engine.  We are going to get smaller airplane.  Government will cover medical expenses and all travel for those over 60.  Government wanted to make 60 retirement age.

Need diesel generators for back-up.  Have to store food so no one will ever be hungry.  Government will give us fish to stock the lake,  Pop Jackson has built 3 miles of walkways.

Need vehicle, Toyota land Rover. $11,000 to go shopping, to go fishing, have to have at least 10 in the end.  Workers have learned by revelation to repair generators.  Mike Touchette is best bulldozer operating in the country.  70 acres cleared for our housing.  We need a market in town to sell our produce.

$200,000 for steam generators.  A man, white member died agonizing death while Jim gone.  Took off while Jim gone and was crushed to death with in a few hours.  Woman had a stroke because she questioned what Father did.  You’d better stay thankful and stay where you are.  Have to have a freighter.  Have to build a dam for lake.  Philip Blakey licensed as Captain by Guyana.  Licensed as to bring in our presses and have our own newspaper.  People who want to come can send us some money.

Jim took the offering, starting about 3.00 o’clock and continuing for an hour.  HE described the items in the p.l. which were needed and pledged with the people to give or pledge the sums necessary.  He had budgeted all we will need for a year, including ____.  Among other items were archery sets for fishing and hunting, as well as the generators for the freighter.  He included many illustrative details.

Revelations were dramatic.

The meeting ended about 4.30.

We had dinner downstairs.

We left LA at 6.00.

I read Radicalism in America.

About an hour or so out of LA, the buses came to a halt and we heard over the intercom concerning an accident that had occurred.  Police were mentioned and Jim’s voice came over.  Asking someone if he was hurt.  We learned that someone had thrown something, into the windshield of the lead (Jim’s) bus.

The police had come; the buses went on their way after reporting the incident.  Some had been slightly injured by shattered glass but Jim said hospitalization was not necessary.

I slept.

When we had a short stop at Buttonwillow, everyone was allowed to look at the bus.  The missile thrown had not made a hole and was apparently not a bullet but had hit the glass with terrific impact.  I saw Mike Prokes, the driver, and Karen Layton, who had been cut with glass, got it in their eyes and swallowed some, and had been cut and covered with blood.  All wounds had healed and only some effect on Mike’s eyes was visible.  Mike had been miraculously able to park the bus safely at the side of the road. (Jim told us later that his son Steve had also been struck by the glass but it was also all right.).  Jim had been standing near Mike but had moved a few minutes before.

I had Viola Moton as a seat partner again.  She told me all about a son who plays in the movies and whom she saw in Los Angeles.  However, she stopped talking after a while and I had a comfortable night.

I ran at the last rest stop.

We arrived at San Francisco about 4.00.

I went home on the bus with Dorothy Brewer.

I lay down until 6.00.