Edith Roller – October 18, 1976 – Monday

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Marquita went home ill.

I am working on the Litigation Report, making final corrections.  Did a memo for Fletcher on MagCard.  It was on labor relations.  He was annoyed because some xeroxing done under Dor’s instructions was carelessly done.

Dor was very tense all day.

Had lunch in the office.  Bought a birthday card for Mabs [Edith’s sister], though her birthday was 3 days ago.

Tonight I got off the bus at Hyde and bought some grapefruit at the stand there.

Went to the Temple about 6.30.  Talked with a number of people.  Sharon Amos has a job as legal assistant in a law firm and is also learning office procedures.  CJ Jackson and I discussed the international situation.

The day for putting in for need in the communes has been changed from Monday to Tuesday.

I typed in my journal 2 hours from 8.30 to 10.30.

Read the newspaper, having some grapes.

Went to bed at 12.15.