Edith Roller – October 19, 1976 – Tuesday

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I spent all day on another litigation report, making revisions.  Butler’s office seems to be trying to finish these in time for the annual seminar of the department which starts Thursday.

Dor is still tense and Marquita is better.  Marquita says she is waiting until she can take sick leave and look for another job after 6 months on the job.

I ate lunch in the office as the weather is cool.

When I got home I exercised for 15 minutes.  This is the first day I have done my daily exercises since moving except for running at the rest stops on the LA trip, although I had a good deal of physical activity while moving and unpacking.

I changed my clothes.

Went to the Temple on the bus.  I knew that the members who weren’t working had gone to the Democratic rally for Mondale at noon.  I had the impression there wouldn’t be a communal meeting.  I was later for dinner and they were out of everything but macaroni with frankfurters and fresh peas but these were good.

I heard there was to be a communal meeting at 8.30, the hour probably chosen because the young people were pamphleting.

I went to the auditorium where in the back the “needs” procedure was taken care of.  The individual fills out forms and submits it to his or her counselor listing the items desired with estimated cost.  On Wednesday night the money will be provided.  Receipts must be retained.  A separate form is filled out for food times, which are furnished from kitchen supplies.  Vernell Henderson is my counselor and she showed me how to make out the forms.

I had had a call from Renee LeRoy in Dr. John Shaupp’s office asking whether I would be able to send anyone to her from the Temple for a part-time job as a Medical Technician, as I had mentioned the possibility.  I had turned in the request to Jean Brown when I first received it.  I spoke to Vernell about it and she suggested I tell Thelma Jackson, who is just finishing a Medical Technician course.

Christine Bates told me she was to be my new room mate. Rheaviana had shown her the apartment this afternoon. Christine is a senior who has been in rather frail health.  She is a quite _____, hot-tempered person but hard-working, used to be in charge of the vitamin stand. She may be hard to get along with.  Liz Forman in her early days in Ukiah shared an apartment with her and they had some stormy incidents.

The communal meeting opened at 8.30, Lee Ingram presiding.

Announcements were made.

Jim came in at 8.45.  He gave pans of pop corn to the children who passed it to the auditorium.

Lee spoke on the proposal of all for seeing that food was not wasted. He said people were avoiding work by hiding out in the communes, even missing meals.  All had to be on hand at 8.00.

Jim spoke of those who attended the political rally today.  Some were more interested in getting autographs than in making known they were members of the Temple.

Jim met Governor Brown and John Tunney.  Carter is offering a government post to Jim.  He had a possibility of being appointed ambassador to Guyana.  It would mean $40 or $50,000 which would be turned over to the cause.  Jim said he can’t see any other post in government which he wanted.

Jim mentioned the attack on the bus Sunday night and described how Steve was hurt.

We’ll support Carter.  Jim told Mondale of events in Guyana.  The US is trying to squeeze a socialist country out of existence.  The CIA brought down the plane in the Caribbean.  78 young people were murdered.

Von Smith (and Vance?) are being sent out.  Von was involved in drugs.

Bob Houston was the man who went out while Jim was away and who was killed within a few hours, crushed by a train.  Jim was not responsible; he had removed himself from protection.

Jim said that in the p.l. he didn’t need to raise his voice once.

Jim said the bombing of the Cuban place had united the countries located in the region.  A plot to kill Castro was uncovered.  Cuba denounced the treaty under which it had agreed to send plane hijackers back as the US had not kept its word to stop terrorist attacks.  The US had threatened Russia and was told “Don’t threaten us.”  144 million would die in the first strike of a thermonuclear war.

Jim mentioned equipment we need in the p.l.  We need a noodle machine and restaurant  equipment.  We will buy another freighter.  We are moving from a big to a small airplane. A freighter can move 200 people.

Jim estimated 500 people will go to the p.l.  We have 300 communal people.

We need at least 10 Toyota station wagons.  We need to raise $550,000.  When we have I, we’ll see the church and apartment buildings.

A school for our children has been set up by Tom Grubbs.  It is better than the government seeks which are better than American schools.  In the p.l. they told us to send four of our worst problem children with a supervisor and they will straighten the children out.

Jim had worked on a budget for the p.l.  $44 was planned for food per person, $100 for clothing.  We need $360,000 a year for 500 people.  This doesn’t cover equipment.  We ought to do everything in our power to get what we need.

New people who had joined us on the trip were asked to say a few words.

A young person, Bertha X, 16, was brought on the floor.  She took off without permission.  She said she had never seen anything loving from Father.  She had been involved in questionable activities.  She wants to go to her grandmother.  Her mother thought this arrangement would be hard on her grandmother.  The mother is not communal  The girl has been up many times before,  The mother said the girl had bruises, said she had been beaten by the counselor.  Questioned, Bertha admitted she had hit her own arm and that she could always manipulate her mother.  Jim recalled that she said she had always hated her mother.  Jim said: the next person who criticizes me behind my back can pack.  Bertha was asked whether she wanted to stay.  She replied she doesn’t want to be communal, chose to go.  Jim is therefore sending her to her grandmother.  Linda Mertle said she had been with Bertha, now had no tie to her.  Jim said: arrange for the earliest bus to Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Jimmy Gold was put on the floor.  Jim had a report that he and Von Smith had engaged in sex acts.  He is very effeminate.  He doesn’t do any work and speaks insultingly to seniors.  He talked of having a sex change operation.  He put Kotex on his needs list.  The statement brought much laughter.

Jim said to bring people into the earth with confused sex identity is a cruel hoax, but “I won’t tolerate his saying ‘Kiss my ass’ to my seniors.”  Jim showed sympathy but wants an example and work from him.  5 people were appointed to supervise his work tonight.

The meeting ended at 12.00 after a song and a few healings performed by Jim.

I spoke to Don Jackson about the Med Tech job opening with Dr. Schaupp and sent a note to Thelma by him, asking her to call the office tomorrow.

Rheaviana told me she was going to move Christine Bates in with me.  Bates has been staying at night at the laundry where she works.

I rode home in the van with Rocki.

Went to bed at 2.00. Read newspapers and ate some toast and jam and toast and peanut butter.