Edith Roller – October 20, 1976 – Wednesday

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Dor, Marquita and I were busy all day on making revisions and getting express print-outs of litigation reports, Dor indicating corrections and Marquita and I on the computers.  Marquita’s computer stopped and was out of order for a good part of the day.  Dor was in a much better humor; she was on her best behavior because we were to meet with Betty this afternoon.

Thelma Jackson phones me this morning as I had requested and I told her of the job possibility in Dr. John Schaupp’s office.  I then phoned Renee LeRoy on Schaupp’s office and told her I had asked Thelma to get in touch with her, that although she was black, I thought she would be satisfactory.  In the afternoon Renee called back and said she was talking with Thelma and she was very pleased with her.

I ate lunch in the office.

Dor inquired whether either of us wanted to work overtime.  Marquita had a class and I didn’t want to miss or be later for the Temple meeting.

At home I changed clothes and washed dishes.  I wanted the kitchen in order on case Rheaviana brought Christine Bates in.

Didn’t get away for dinner until later and then had to go back for my Muni pass.  Crowd at the Temple at about 6.45.  Ate quickly, as Jim’s voice came over the intercom telling of a program at Opportunity school at which the African Dancers were to appear.  Members who were dressed appropriately were allowed to go in the buses.  Jim also announced a rally tomorrow at Civic Center to protest the Supreme Court decision on admitting minority students to educational institutions.

We arrived at the school at 7.30.  Yvonne Golden started the program at 7.45.

Faculty introduced themselves.

Golden says truly very fortunate in having ___ ___ who brought in special group.  She describes Jim’s activities, introduced Jim.  Gave check of $200 for PE equipment.  We chose this school, best principal and teachers, desirable variety of curriculum, practical, open inquiry.

African dancers.

One teacher says changes in curriculum would be implements,  Have students go to various colleges and audit classes; outdoor activities, survival techniques, job training, apprenticeship, students to have input, parental interest.

All the teachers pay and save administrative costs and teacher do clerical work.

A teacher explains cutting and penalties.  After dance important to fulfill our responsibilities.

Golden.  We believe students should be taught all systems of the world, not just capitalism.  Ashe mentions Supreme Court decision that special admissions projects are unconstitutional.  Demonstration tomorrow.

A teacher describes special program for minority students: Upward BoundEOP [Educational Opportunity Program – State University system in financial support of minorities students to college].  Students get financial aid.

Golden says breakdown barrier.  Students call teachers by first name.

Meeting ended at 8.30.  Refreshments served.  We were invited to see the facilities.

I sat beside Patti Chastain on the bus going back.  She gave me some details about Bob Houston’s death.  He had been negative in conversations for sometime.

We returned to the Temple about 9.30.  Jim was going over topics previously discussed; financial and supply needs of the p.l. in effort to raise funds,  Political events such as attempt to kill him on Cuban plane.  Results of that CIA bomb explosion were to bring socialist countries closer.

Some of you here tonight will die before you go.

We have to get all the votes out for Carter because we have connections with democrats.

Jim wanted to stay only his love for us made him come back.  Hard to protect us against enemies who come out when he’s gone.  He mentioned Liz and Bob Houston.  Latter would have helped our enemies.

Jim’s acceptance of Mayor’s appointment on the Housing Commission.

Jim mentioned trouble in China.  We’re meddling over there.

Jim took offering.  Counting down from $10,000 and he got some larger contributions.  One man gave a four family building.

On China again.  Don’t worry about China.  Shall come through all right.  Some countries all go through a nationalistic period.

Young people in a ___ ___ on floor for placing newspapers so that they blew away.

Carrie Langston took charge of care home in Redwood Valley so others could go on trip.

Irra Johnson. Takes responsibility in LA in kitchen and nursing.

Kim Brewster. Good worker on Archie Ijames’ construction crew.

Debbie Evans made a counselor.

Jim passed 47 people of the trip over the recommendations of the medical people,  All came home fine.

Erma Winfrey made $236 pamphleting though once considered crippled.

Jim Alexander has been writing notes to Vera Young, flips out if she’s kind to him and flips out if she’s not.  She says that he can read a person’s thoughts.  He says he can’t read thoughts, reads gestures.  He talked of suicide.  Jim says suicide is caused by hostility and he won’t be intimidated by it.  He goes on to explain reincarnation.  Sexual love is bullshit.  Vera says she’s uninterested in him except as a comrade in the movement.  Jim had told her to be kind to run 3 years ago because he was suicidal.  Jim indignant because of his narcissism.  Asks Vera to tell how she feels.  She wonders why he pays no commitment.  __ so she avoids him. “I’d rather ___ ___ and than him.”  Jim asked again how she felt.  She ___ ____ he still thinks she actually ___ __ and really wants a relationship with him.  He wants her to talk to him.  Jim says he wants nothing of people he loves except their happiness.  Jim reiterates that women cannot possibly like men.  No one can like the oppressor.  Women just want you to be nice,  Jim complimented Jim Alexander because he could bring him up and let him hear the truth because many men out there couldn’t take it.

John Gardener on floor.  Molested a little girl.  Jim says he’s going to cure him.  He’s going to the p.l. and be on a work crew. Jim allowed the child’s mother to beat on him and some of the men to inflict pain on him so that he will connect child molestation with pain.  John’s going to the p.l. because his mother is communal.

Garnett Johnson.  Ronny Dennis numerous instances of sexual play with little girls.  Also they are lazy, run away from newspaper distribution.  Mothers of the girls are cleared to hit them. Tom [Thomas] Kice going to p.l. ____ ___ “We have been looking for someone to cut the wood for the p.l.  Tonight we have solved the problem.

Jim turned to discuss the legal details with his attorneys while he had Wesley Johnson take another offering, as there would be more expense involved in sending the young men to the p.l.  [John Gardener, Ronnie Dennis, Garnett Johnson, Thomas Kice are listed as arriving in Guyana on Oct, 24, 1976]

It was now 1.00 and I decided that I had to get home and to bed, as I was late last night and faced a hard day tomorrow.

I took the bus home.

Read the newspaper and ate some toast and peanut butter and toast and jam before I went to bed at 2.10.