Edith Roller – October 21, 1976 – Thursday

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I was on ATS with a Litigation Report most of the morning.  The other machine is still out.

The annual seminar of the legal and insurance department began today.  Carol is here and I talked with her a brief while.  She has accepted a transfer to Bechtel’s Washington, DC, office and nothing was said about her earlier decision to resign.  I had heard, however, that she had personal problems with Charlie Schwaub, her supervisor in Gaithersburg.  Andras has a job in Washington and Carol will commute with him.  She says they are remembering their house

The entire legal and insurance staff was invited to the opening luncheon of the seminar.  I sat at a table including John Stewart, Mike Fletcher, Marie Crivello, X and X.   We had a quiche with ham, a salad, sherbet and cookies.  Many people did not get enough to eat.  Cap Weinberger presided.  Mayor Moscone was a guest, spoke briefly and left.  Willis Slussan spoke.  He particularly noted the acquisition of large coal interests from the Kennicott Copper Company.  Bechtel is forming a holding company with four other firms called, “The Peabody Coal Company.”  Two guests who had worked on the organization gave more details.  The luncheon lasted until 1.30.

I had a 3-page memo requiring many citations and much underlining wanted by one of the legislative assets by morning.  As I couldn’t stay late tonight, I decided to come in early tomorrow morning.

I went to the Temple on the bus from work,  I ate my dinner early.

I had a security shift from 6.00 to 8.00, the first I have ever done.  Michaeleen Brady, who was my partner, and I examined people at the back door, checking their bodies and possessions.  It was not very hard, as the traffic was not very heavy at this hour and there were no strangers.  Michaeleen is in one of the communes, works on lunch-making for the Temple, is not able to handle a regular job yet.

Household supplies and food items were distributed by Rheaviana and workers.  I asked Rocki, who had the van, to take mine home.  I was given hot and cold cereal, Sanka packets, sugar packet and dried non-fat milk.

Tyrone Duncan relieved us on the security shift.

I went home on the bus.

I washed clothes.

Did personal chores, cleaned the bathroom.

Washed and put up my hair. Read newspapers. Went to bed at 12.30.