Edith Roller – May 2, 1978 – Tuesday

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After breakfast went over the news items in the school office.

I made plans for my classes, trying in each case to have a really organized approach.

Wrote a little in my journal.

Went to lunch.

A large number attended my adult class. My plan went smoothly.

Jim on the p.a. system spoke extremely seriously about everyone’s effort and attitude in order to build up our community. He also spoke bitterly about the crimes of our enemies. He alluded to his own health (high blood pressure and low blood sugar) as he had been doing often.

When I reported to the cottage, Terri Buford, just getting up, inquired what Jim had said, specifically about his own condition. I did not realize that he had had any different emphasis than before, but I could see that she was worried.

Visitors were expected today and special provisions made, but heavy rain fell and the visitors didn’t come.

After my shower I worked on my journal.

Using my lesson plan worked very effectively with the first period group and several showed an increase in understanding world events, particularly Willie Malone. I told them I was pleased with them and would recommend praises for them.

In the second period class I had fairly good luck, was able to go farther with the same material then with the adults or the remedial group, as a basis for an essay to be written tomorrow. Some were talkative, though. Jim was on the p.a. system the entire time and though classes do not have to pay attention. It is hard to make one’s self heard over his voice. Jim unexpectedly announced a rally for tomorrow.

I reported on my classes to Tropp, recommended praises for them.

Jim had started to read an account of a man who had been in a Chilean concentration camp after Allende’s overthrow. He read several chapters while I ate dinner and went home to change clothes for the rally.

The rally was at 7.15. The tape Jim had just made was played again while all were to listen and pass a test on it.

Jim had read and put on tape (2 hours and 45 minutes) part of a report from a former political prisoner, Rolando Carrasco in Chile when Allende was overthrown.

Jim had it played again at the beginning of the rally. Told us we would have to write on it and to take notes. Afterwards he had several songs by Victor Jara played. Peter Wotherspoon translated them.

Jim spoke of gaining sensitivity and knowledge. His condition. Of his own physical condition, Jim said his blood pressure is dangerously high and his sugar levels are alarming. Larry had diagnosed the difficulty as an insulin secreting tumor on the pancreas, which may or may not be malignant. If malignant the prognosis is very gloomy even at best, he is need of surgery. The Soviet Union may not have the technological development necessary to perform such an operation. Having it done in the capitalist world poses extreme difficulties. Besides Jim cannot leave Jonestown. Larry had consulted on the radio with expert endocrinologists and they agreed with Larry’s diagnosis.

Grow up! Offer to go with him. Rejected exception.  Jim: help him. He named: learn, combat ignorance, behavioral problems. Geraldine “Jerry” Bailey: Can someone read for him? Answer: Possibly, but most don’t have that sensitivity. Show sufficient feeling.

Jim: The worst thing that could happen to me would be to see my movement come to an end.

Conspiracy: problems back there. We have some evidence of plot killing Chris Lewis. Names given last night tied in.

To child who doesn’t know anything, “You, people like you are killing me.” Tim Stoen is responsible for my death. Harriet says she combs her hair in class, never listens. Marcy says deal with all students who don’t pay attention in class. Jim infuriated with her, puts her on Learning Crew.

Jim: people not taking enough responsibility running the place. Mentions steering committee.

Jim: Ought to deal severely with those who cause trouble any place: in classrooms, everywhere, put them in jail not therapy.

Henry Mercer thinks all should have responsibility for learning. Jim says he does better without sight than many with it.

Mennonite, go back to Pennsylvania and drown yourself.

News: taking it down from the board. Jim: some damned selfish person depriving others of right to learn. Discussed methods of learning news.

Medical opinion from radio. Jim read it; the prognosis is better.

Teresa suggests playing tape at 11:00 in the library. Jim agrees.

Report of analysts meeting. Tish Leroy: ones labor costs 5.50 an hour. Hand carts can be used instead of big machines. Intensive farming.

India went pro-soviet today. China now surrounded by pro-Soviet nations and turmoil in Iran and Pakistan. Iran surrounded as Iraq is pro-soviet; world war threatens.

Stephen emphasis on avoiding using chain saw. Use cross-out saw. Guys get “pissed off”, crew on floor. Lee Ingram warned against anyone giving any shit. We’re just giving advice tonight.

Livestock and poultry:  Dorothy Solomon.  Chickenry doing well. Need someone to plant trees. The piggery needs more people.

Nursery and Orchards:  Wing beans doing well. Citrus losses from kushi ants. Lost coffee trees in the heat; doing better with rain and those in the shade. Planting large fruit orchard. Compost relates to intensive farming. Our soil lacks organic matter or humus.  Peas or beans plowed under; plow under weeds. Requires taking land out of production, laying foliage and plowing under. Much work.

Perhaps most efficient materials compost, well rotted vegetation matter with animal manure. Eight tons per acre per year. Compost sheds needed for fields. Problem of who is going to construct them? Chaikin suggests one construction person with agriculture crew involved. Maggot control discussed again.

Sorrell, soap, bricks.  Barron is burning bricks, which has to be done night and day. Etta Thompson is making soap. She has samples to show guests and is ready to start production.

Agricultural produce: great rumpus over sweet potatoes stored under dorm and according to reports, rotting. Then, question of how to use them. The kitchen crew says they would cook them but didn’t know they were there. Much rumbling in audience for some reason.

Peanuts: Ertis Jeffery needs building to dry peanuts. Tom Grubbs suggests a plan for a drying shed.

Bananas: Danny Kutulas

Gardens: cultivation of land: Philip Blakey thinks we should start horse plowing. Johnny Brown thinks we should do something with our horses. Wanda Swinney says Georgetown thinks we’ll have to make our own plows. Jim says hand plows used in half the world. Get in touch with Korean Embassy.

Michaeleen Brady has an insolent attitude. Hostile when she has to do physical labor. Jim sends her to the box.

Santiago Rosas after bad injury treated with antibiotic is back to work and worked hard.

Rory Bargeman: neglect of job. Jann Gurvich said good word for him at school. Jim gave him a break.

Jim: the box takes no supervision time now. It’s jail, just food and medical attention.

At closing Jim said a project had been developed which would help communism. People’s social security identity cards and any other passes, documents and keys they held in connection with their former jobs were requested. Turn them in to Terri Buford.

The rally ended at 12:15. I spoke to Tropp about praises for my class. He said they would have to have a good record for an entire week and would be put on the list next week.

I went home and searched my crates for my social security card and any other documents I had which might be useful. I couldn’t find my social security card. I may have turned it over in Georgetown. I took out my San Francisco library card. I have never received my driver’s license after reporting the loss of my old one and receiving a temporary license. I took what I had up to Terri in the radio room.

I went to bed at 1:30.