Edith Roller – May 4, 1978 – Thursday

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There was a heavy rain storm during the night and continued raining during the day.

Had breakfast.

Worked on my journal.

Went to lunch.

At my adult class not as many as usual attended. I gave a review, asking the class members to ask questions. Knowing the test questions I didn’t want to be in a position to reveal any. I had arranged for Jann to come in and explain the Chinese Third World Doctrine, which she did. I wanted her to do it more for my sake as I was not sure I understood what Jim has been telling us. Jann gave her usual full treatment to the matter, faster and with a more difficult vocabulary than I would have used. Took my shower.

Went to the Medical Department at 2.00 for an hour and talked to them for an hour about the week’s news again asking different questions so not to breech confidence.

I prepared for classes.

In the first period class I gave them a review of the most important points in the week’s news.

Jan suggested we put our second period classes together for a review of the news which she conducted very competently. I expanded on a few of the items.

Jim was on the public address system a great deal during the day with news and reviews of books, films and a stage play. He also said that a meeting was held last night in the Temple at San Francisco of Soviet officials and US communist leaders. Jim addressed them by radio and announced that he is a communist, receiving great applause.

I had dinner.

The high school teachers met. Students who have been causing trouble were called to appear and be questioned.

We expected to give the test prepared last night to political enlightenment classes at 7:00, but instead Jim announced that a rally was necessary and said he would give the test in the rally.

Jim’s health was better. He said it have been found that the medication he was taking had been to blame for some of his symptoms and the tumor in his pancreas may be benign.

The test was administered.

Jim questioned Ronnie Dennis and companion. Ronnie is a good worker but needs to achieve literacy.  His companion X was asked to give him help and encouragement.

Guyana refused to speak to Stoen when he was demanding it.  And when he asked, we  said we would refuse to eat and  they didn’t do it.

Reason for this special meeting. Eureka Research Association, a communist front organization had signed a contract with Tim Stoen that they would perform reconnaissance operations in Guyana with the aim of killing Jim Jones. We got either the original or a photo of the document. He had to pay them money he could only obtain from CIA. We informed the Guyanese government. The American embassy told us to resist them. We have obtained extra defense equipment.

Rob Gieg reported in late tonight with Connie Frohm. Shirley Hicks reports they were working late on reports for Estelle Railback. Both Connie and Rob deny anything going on. Connie’s companion is Don Fitch.

Jim on Stoen: Liz Foreman, Neva Sly and Mertles spend all their time together, hate each other. Stoen always hated Liz Foreman and now all these people are in close association.

Jim administered the test. He gave four different sets of questions in the main. People had counted off so that they did not have the same questions as the person next to them. The socialism teachers monitored, helping those who could not write or had other problems. I held Eileen McMurry’s (McCann) baby who squirmed so much she couldn’t write. I had to write the questions and holding the baby made it hard to do. The test was difficult. Many questions were essay type. The last questions to be answered by all were to tell what we felt guilty for, such as wasting money or not doing our job in San Francisco before we came to Jonestown explaining what services we would perform for the cause, even at the risk of death.

The political enlightenment teachers were called over to the rice tent where people who did work during the test had to take it.  Tom was handling the tests and Debby Jensen [Schroeder] was giving the tests. They did not need my help so I returned.

The boat came in today. The entertainers were finishing on one of their performances.

Discussion then moved to problems of off-loading the boat. Unloaders were blamed for the condition of musical instruments and for damage to fruit. Boat workers say the damage is caused by the having to carry everything in the trailer and the condition of the fruit when loaded in Georgetown. The decision was made to make crates to carry things. Patty Cartmell and Jack Beam were critisized for method of giving orders. Jim said Patty was very loyal. If she were in the US she would get to the bottom of the conspiracy and wrap it up. But she makes those dollars work for us in Guyana.

Discussion of a young Guyanese who had written some songs, said he was a revolutionary and wanted to visit Jonestown. Jim questioned everyone who had met him to give their impressions. Jim concerned he may be a spy. Seems to be a musician and has connections with a school. Jim gives instructions on how to treat would-be visitors and get rid of them.

Jim inquires about Michaeleen Brady. She is in prison (the box) and acting badly. Marcy has given her many medical tests but no results. Chris Talley, her sister, says she has to be treated very firmly Jim wants her worked to death tonight, “but don’t give her a cutlass; she will kill you.” Keep her up all night and at work.

Jim reviewed people on Learning Crew, questioning some of them, he found that they didn’t do well on the news, lacking in skills.

Michaeleen was brought it. She was reported as having cried when he heard Jim’s life is in danger. He inquired why she was so hostile when Pat Patterson arrived. She still cares for Pat. Jim warned her against letting him know how much she cares. She’s possessive said Marcy, even with her children. She blames the church for taking the children from her. Maureen Fitch and Ray said the children had never been better off than they were in the Temple. She was responsible for putting her own brother in jail for 60 days over thanksgiving and Christmas. She lacks a feeling of guilt. Jim encourages her and Pat to go back together. Michaeleen to work for two weeks, if successful then resume their relationship.

Patty gave her version of trouble with boat loaders. She says they are very careless. Jim says she is a nagger and doesn’t give enough credits. Patty said crew was slow in lifting Helen on to a tractor. Jim says they should act friendly in public. The crew individually vowed to behave better. Stanley Wright gets remonstrances galore for making a racist statement in public. Jim says it was treason out there. Ruby Carroll says Stanley wouldn’t work. His behavior is so bad that he was asked not to return to town. He never smiled. Jim put him on the Learning Crew, told him to smile. He would smile or be on Learning Crew until he does. Jim: any person who makes any insulting remarks on any person or department in public will be dealt with severely.

Jim continues review of Learning Crew. Some moved from jail to our Learning Crew. Some were taken out to where the tiger is.

Rally ended about 1.00.