Edith Roller – May 5, 1978 – Friday

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We got up two hours late.

Had breakfast. In the mornings after breakfast lately, since I do not have to wait for medication any more, I drink a cup of hot water, brush my teeth, go to the school office and read any news written up for the teachers. I sometimes talk to people for some reason or giving or getting information and then on the way home go to the bathroom. My bowel movements are fairly regular.

Started work on the political enlightenment test for the teachers. I typed it up. I think four pages on one side will be enough as a double-spaced page holds a good deal. I wanted to utilize the news items into an essay on polarizing forces in the world leading to a collapse of capitalism and perhaps nuclear war.

A large number came to the adult class today, though I had made no announcement. I resumed work on reading, telling my aim was to take care of three categories: with (1) those who can’t read and write,  (2) those who can read and write a little, and  (3) those who read fairly well but don’t write well. For this lesson I tried to give material which might interest all three groups. At the end of the class period I found that Liane Harris had been in the group. She realized I was going to need help and offered to give her services. She uses very innovative methods in the junior high and I hope she can work with me.

Took a shower.

I typed more on my exam. As Anitra was using the stool which I usually use on top of a crate for a typewriter stand, I had to pull out both of my crates and type on them. I finished a second page.

In my first period class I had the students read from a textbook of which there were enough copies with the students sharing a book. Jerome was at the front gate and Ronnie and Kenny were working on the boat. I have two new students, Alida Santiago and Marice Anderson. The class behaved fairly well but read badly what was probably the forth or fifth grade level reading. Yolanda Brown read the best. Willie is doing better, I think.

Though the second period class had not finished their papers started earlier in the week, I let them have their Friday reading period. I was not sure most of them used it for reading, as few followed my instructions to turn their books back to me at the end.

I had dinner and took my plate to the school tent where the high school teachers met with Dick Tropp. We had a long meeting. Tropp emphasized striving for reading ability based on Jim’s literacy drive. He made it plain that though instruction can be based on news, it should not be a mere dictation and writing down news items. When discussion turned to behavior problems and class inattentiveness, Tropp felt that it was possible to awaken motivation by various means. Their experience in the US schools and television had reduced their attention span.  Liane Harris attended as she is going to help Jann, overburdened with junior high teaching with her basic class. I am not sure she will have time to help me with the adults. We spent a good while talking to students one by one who had misbehaved in class. We are authorized to be very strict, even to the point of calling SAT to deal with an obstreperous student. Several of the complaints came from Betty Fitch in her math class.

I was home at 7.00.

Typed the rest of the plain paper. Four pages in all. The first three were on politics. On the fourth, I put, as required, a second statement on the money I had wasted in the states and expanded on my opportunity to serve the cause in any way required. I finished and took it to the Radio Room just before 11.00.

Read The Man Who Cried I Am a few minutes.

Went to bed at 11.00.