Edith Roller – May 6, 1978 – Saturday

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Had breakfast.

I did a number of errands and tasks: checked news lists in the school office, consulted Grubbs about ordering books for adult education as Becky Beikman had told me we would have a last opportunity to get orders in. Went to the warehouse to get a pair of boots in order to be ready for the rainy system. I had to go to the new building put up to take care of the supplies moved from the piggery. It was in charge of a young man named Charlie who was crippled. He was trying to chase out Vincent Lopez who was lounging around undoubtedly hoping to move in unobserved and seize something of value. I told Charlie I would back him up on the floor if Vincent caused him any trouble.

Jim gave us a flood of news all day. At different times, tapes would be played of previous readings. In the cottage I couldn’t hear very well and I found I missed some details while busy on my tasks. I did gather that South Africa invaded Angola three times. Libya had been responsible for a strike in Tanzania. It seems, as was my thesis in the paper I wrote for my test, that the pace of conflict between the capitalist and communist world is increasing rapidly. The Tunisian news touched me personally as Ryn de la Fuente may still be in the Peace Corps there. I know that if she is, Lor will be frantic. I had told her Tunisia was a quiet part of the world and Ryn would be perfectly safe.

Another item of news concerning our own people was a statement that Oliver, father of Bruce and Billy had discovered where Bruce was 9 that he had been raped by a man. He wanted to kill the child who he thought would be a homosexual as a result of the incident.

I washed clothes, having borrowed a big pan from Rita. I was able to do the job very efficiently.

I went to lunch.

Did my personal chores. Took a shower and washed my hair. Put in a hem in my skirt and took up a pair of pants. I worked on my journal by have some entries yet to make.

Had dinner.

Wrote a recommendation (as a money serving measure) that a stern policy be drafted to get dishes and silver returned to the kitchen (much time is wasted waiting for cups and glasses). Also written announcements for volunteers to help with the adult reading program.

I had changed clothes taking with me what was needed for the rally tonight. I got a pillow and read The Man Who Cried I Am. Found that what I read last night I had forgotten partially, probably because my mind was tired.

During the last few days Ruth Lenin Tupper had moved in to our cottage. She works nights on security and sleeps days. Patty Dennis has had to move back to the loft. Laura Johnston consulted me as to whether I knew anything about who was her supervisor now. I said I knew nothing about it except she had received little supervision from Ann. Since the episode the other night I have ignored both Ann and Anitra in the cottage and they ignore me except to continue to borrow my mirror.

Jim had warned us there would be another test on news items. I had thought it might be an oral sampling.  Jim asked questions of each be demanded less of children and seniors and also made his decision partly on the basis of how the person had done on the written test.

One woman who seemed to be Brother Bridgewater’s companion who aroused Jim’s anger first by answering all questions except that the Soviet Union had concentration camps It turned out that she was so jealous of Bridgewater she could not concentrate on anything else.

Jim gave grades of excellent, pass and fail. Those who failed were assigned to take the special socialism class and in some cases told to learn how to read and write better in my reading class.

Jim either healed a woman who complained of lack of hearing or her lack of hearing caused by fear disappeared as he talked to her.

Jim: Read discussion of SF Police were watching all those who came in the Temple when Jim addressed community by radio. The names of all who are coming in.

People began to appear in lines who were not H’s.  Jim discovered that Security was putting people in line who were asleep or guilty of other misbehavior. He sent them all to extra class.

Agricultural report 
Chaikin on intensive agriculture following sequential planting transplanting (particularly with rice).

Small Animals-Chris Talley:  Female duck laid 13 eggs. Questions.  32 animals. Question on duck eggs.  She thought duck wasn’t going to sit on the eggs and boiled them, fed to the monkeys. The eggs, fed to the monkeys.

Livestock-Guy Mitchell: some of the hogs are ready to slaughter. Jeffery Carey can salt and smoke them. Jim says slaughter four of them and eat them on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Rev James Edwards suggests we castrate the horses so they’ll work harder. Suggests that we train horses to pull carts before we get horse plows which we have radioed advantageous to leave cows out though tigers may get one, as they’re losing weight . Controlling fly population which comes from having manure.  Chaikin describes a method which will save manure.  Improving the floor also necessary. Have to get trees out of the bush. Decision to get crew to collect poles. Permanent crew was selected.  David Solomon will show them how to “fell” trees. We’ve been using boat for government.  Musicians want more time to rehearse in Georgetown, but Jim says they have to stay here.

Chickenry-Rob Gieg:  Mortality rate down. Slaughtering for our meals. Losing eggs because lights go off in the incubators. Several problems with generators going off.  Jim urges success in incubating our eggs so that we can avoid trouble we had with shipped eggs.  Get 4 or 5 eggs per week for each layer.

Senior Gardens-Selika Bordenave: Distribution of vines to decorate East House for guests.

Insecticides-Ernestine Blair:  Still short of sprayers.  Medical restrictions on women of child-bearing age.  Jim thinks medical department too restrictive.  People can be alternated. Several women volunteered.

Tom Fitch forgot to report to protocol (Lisa Layton). Johnny Jones, Sr. said that Tom manipulated to get over here. He was put on Learning Crew for forgetting.

Maggots are big trouble, getting immune to the insecticide being used. Rob Christian says ditches can be directed to places away from cooking area. Ashes or lye recommended. Lye will be ordered.

We have wheat in shipment but we weren’t aware of it. Jim orders invoices to be distributed to the departments so that they know what we have coming in.

Bricks, Sorrel and Soap-Jack Barron: Bricks brought in but not strong enough yet. Jack says will be remedied.  Progress of place for soap. Need people to weed sorrell.

Thresher for beans-Chaikin: Sees it done by hand. We have a machine. Tells where he wants to set it up. Chris Lund says possibility of overloading generator. Chaikin says threshing can be done whenever Chris informs that the load is not heavy.

Kidney beans: can expect 600 pounds on six acres.

Value of sweet potatoes, don’t waste culls or animal feed, rich in minerals and vitamins.

Dwarf coconut trees.  Haven’t arrived so far. Are checking.

Lucy Miller and Juanita Green.  Physical contact in fight over news on the board, both go to Learning Crew.

Several elementary and junior high school students sent to Learning Crew because of misbehavior in school. Mark Rhodes wanders all around instead of going to work site. He’s taken to see the tiger. Grubbs will make special contraption to lock him in place.

Brian Davis, working near vegetable shed, uses bad language to the seniors. He says he gets mad when inventory is heavy. Says he’s making up for it. Cynthia Davis was careless with tools. Jim doesn’t want Brian and Mark Sly together.

The ministry of Education is sending inspectors on Monday. Elementary school too crowded, need more chalkboards, which will be built. Arrangements agreed on.

Michaeleen Brady gets hostile when working outside and gave trouble when getting medical treatment. Jim went into her problem in depth as she had made progress. If she can make it longer she can return to her companion, Pat Patterson.

Ollie Harrington praised for adding citrus to tea.

My students in first period class were named as planned for praise. Someone also praised me for reading and news teaching.

The rally was adjourned at 1.00 after the majority had voted to have a regular day tomorrow, that is, rise at the normal time and get off at the normal time.

I was in bed at 2.00. It was more than usually noisy in our area, but I went to sleep before too long.