Edith Roller – May 7, 1978 – Sunday

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We had a normal schedule today.

For breakfast we had biscuits and either gravy or syrup but nothing extra.

I filled out my schedule of activities for the business office (Tish).

I wrote a little in my journal, on which I had been somewhat behind.

Tropp requested to see the high school teachers in the school office not for a meeting but to give instructions on filling out the record books for attendance and course material covered for the Department of Education. We have to have these tomorrow for the inspectors who are coming.

I stopped at the library. Teresa King had in reserve the book from which Jim has been reading, Chile’s Prisoners of War, by Rolando Carrasco. There had been a big demand for it but on Sunday fewer people use the library. I read two chapters in it. I would have been able to cover more but several people came by who consulted me on my class or some aspect of the news events test.

Got my fried chicken dinner. Instead of standing in line, people sat at the tables and were served.  I was opposite Shirley Baisy and several of her children. She told me she has nine. She gave me some hot sauce for my chicken and rice and told me how it is made from hot peppers which grow wild, onions and eggplant scraps from the kitchen. I presume kitchen workers give out vinegar.

I took my shower.

Patty Cartmell, whom I met on the path, asked me whether I would come to the meeting being held with the people who meet the public. She asked me the details about the criticism of her on the floor the other night. I think that she has some paranoia and may have thought some of those who spoke adversely about her might be there tonight. I thought perhaps I could contribute a little on finding out about people in conversation and guarding against those who might take advantage of the temple or endanger it, so I consented.

The number of people involved in such public relations work was larger than I expected. It was in the rice tent and Mike Pokes chaired it. Precautions to be taken by those at the front gate and those who operate the boat were emphasized. The meeting arose out of recent incidents discussed in rallies recently. I made a couple of statements, doubt whether they were very attentively received.

I returned to the library and obtained Chile’s Prisoners of War again and read another chapter.

A required meeting for all teachers took place at 8.00 in the dining pavilion to discuss the visit of the Department of Education inspectors tomorrow. Carolyn Layton was in charge. The meeting was very short, being mostly concerned with physical arrangements. More tent space is being provided for the classes and additional chalkboards constructed.

I stood in line at the pavilion for my treat, getting an extra one this time because of having received praise. The band was rehearsing for the spring programs to be given in a couple of weeks. No special entertainment was presented tonight, though films were to be shown later.

I found that I had left my raincoat behind me somewhere and after going home, I retraced my afternoon’s movements. I have taken it off first in the rice tent at the public relations meeting and probably left it there. I did not find it.

I read The Man Who Cried I Am.

Conversed with Inez when she returned home. We were both a little concerned that Jim, who is usually economic, is allowing us to eat pork three times this week instead of freezing or smoking the hogs which must be slaughtered. He had said something about “giving some joy” to us. Having fried chicken and pork in one week seems a big deal and together with the ominous situation in the world which saw several new struggles break out in the past week or so may bode ill. I told Inez about my anxiety concerning Lor and Ryn though we agreed that if the whole of the Northern Hemisphere is going to be blown up by nuclear weapons, being in jeopardy in Tunisia is of small importance.

It was a very quiet evening and when lights were out at 11.00 Ann’s friend said goodnight from the front door step and she came in and went to bed.