Edith Roller – May 9, 1978 – Tuesday

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I continued to have a 1.00 class after my usual 12.00 o’clock adult reading class, but Jim was on the p.a. system so that I could not make an announcement. A few people came. One was a young woman (Ruthie Quinn, 37) who had been told by Jim to come to one of my classes. I sat down with her and evaluated her knowledge of both news events and of writing. She had very poor ability in both, wrote on a second grade level at that. An attractive person, she had grown up in Mississippi, went as far as the ninth grade in Los Angeles.

With my first period class I worked on understanding their reading and gave them a vocabulary and spelling drill. They behaved well.

The second period class came to the new facilities rather quietly. It started to rain after I had explained the paper they were expected to work on about the news event. We all retreated to the school tent where they finished their papers next to a class taught by Dick Tropp, which may be the reason they gave no trouble. The rain poured down furiously. I had no rain gear except a rain hat. I went to the school office to put away my materials and was stranded there for quite a while.  Eventually got my dinner and started home.  The mud was hard on my shoes, probably, but I didn’t mind getting wet as long as my hair was dry.

At home I made a makeshift raincoat from a thin piece of plastic which I wore to the rally.

Jim: Redevelopment Agency visitors, US Consulate visitors tomorrow. Math officials here too this week.

Volunteer sought to marry a woman who would otherwise have an illegitimate child.
People whose last names end in “C” in aisle. Jim assigned three or four people to “Professor Roller’s class” or to have their abilities evaluated.

Close to end of quiz Jim not satisfied with results of classes. People not doing their job. He acknowledged that the vocabulary used in discussing current events was too difficult and that teachers needed to break the concepts down to a more understandable level. He also said it was clear that stories made a strong impression especially on young people ad that we should have more reading.

Our people promised asylum in Cuba. He reminds staff to make sure our people in States can come to Cuba if we have to go there.

Jim: talked to teach a young girl who doesn’t know the answers, plays around and was put on the Learning Crew. From socialism class today with Liane Harris – He condemns her to Liane’s class in morning and to programs Liane has at night with projector.

Report from the Steering Committee:
Johnny Brown proposes we work an extra four hours on Saturday and Sunday to celebrate Jim’s birthday which is on the 13th and Mother’s Day, the 14th of May. Supervisors will come up with special projects to go towards our $1500 a month it costs to support each.

Johnny Jones presents new forms for job changes application.

Lee Ingram reads new list of coordinators: Johnny Jones and “Reb” James Edwards are Farm Managers. Jack Beam for livestock (Jack not here enough) and John Harris, for livestock instead of Jack Beam.

Got praises: Many including Brenda Parks, Walter Cartmell, Demosthenes Kutulas with others saved property from fire in generator. Barbara has had a good attitude on Learning Crew. Larry Schacht worked hard though he had a fever. Robert Paul caught fire over whole body while pouring fuel on logs but didn’t have a burn on his body. Peter Wotherspoon has had wonderful attitude. Sue Jerrom had been removed from Medical Staff on account of ripping off food, in now working X [blank, to be filled later]. Michaeleen Brady: day by day record, often hostile. Jamal Baisy had tantrum when guests were present, refused to restrain himself.  Jim asks about restraint of children put under control less time. _____ recommended that they be kept inside dorm, given special food and worked under supervision.

Tanya Garcia, head of a crew, hollers at crew; takes no interest in agriculture; has no original ideas. Jim hints it is love interest that causes her behavior.

Betty Moore slow and moody, unconcerned. She is hesitant to talk. She feels hostility from fellow workers. Feels Chaikin thinks she is not a good supervisor. Communication between her and Becky is not good. She admits she left a coworker without shoes because of a mix-up. Jim let her off because she mentioned warning she had.

Robert Paul, says Jim, two women pregnant in the States, blame him, One wrote through the embassy. He admits to one. Testimony to effect but waiting for Sandra Marshall.

Rouletta, Paul’s friend, has a pattern of hypochondria. She says counseling handled matter.

Marcus Anderson sent to Learning Crew for calling Willie Malone dumb in math class.

Michaeleen given attention. Jim spoke to her after dreadful night with two babies near death and plot in San Francisco. She wouldn’t answer. Michaeleen says she does everything asked to do. She is asked why her attitude is so bad. Decision to (fill in)

We were out relatively early, I got home at 12.00.