Edith Roller – May 11, 1978 – Thursday

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I was very tired today on account of the work last night to standing on my feet all the time to teach classes and not having enough sleep.

When I got home following breakfast I found Irra sweeping out the cottage. She had gone to bed early last night but she was annoyed because people had not picked up all their belongings nor swept under all the beds. She took clothing lying around to the warehouse although some belonged to Ruth Lenin who left it neatly folded on a spare bed.

I climbed up on my bed and worked on class preparations. Some junior high children were sent around to see whether beds were pushed out far enough for the sprayers. Several youngsters, with Patty Dennis, entered our cottage without adult supervisors. They said the sprayers were working on the cottages then. I abandoned the cottage and went to the library trying to write in my journal but too many people came up and asked questions so I accomplished little before lunch

In my adult class I gave a phonetics lesson, asking for examples of the various sounds.

Returned to the cottage. There was no evidence it had been sprayed but I was told the sprayers had finished with the cottages. I had only time to get needed material and I went to the medical office to give my weekly presentation on the news. They were not quite ready and had to finish treatment on the people still in the clinic. I was not very well organized myself and spent too much time on peripheral matters. I later received a criticism from Lisa that I had not spent enough time on important news events.

I took my shower and had to go immediately to my high school classes.

In the first period several were late. Kenny Reed and Ronnie Dennis often are working on the boat and do not come at all. When they do come they are usually late, saying they don’t get off early enough to be on time. Billy Jones is often late using some excuse about having to see the nurse or having worked at night and overslept. We finished the space station story.

In the second period there was minor disorder but the situation was better than usual. I gave them some information on subordinate clauses, some examples and using items on Saudi Arabia suggested by the class. We started work cooperatively on an essay.

For dinner we had watermelon and pineapple salad.

The teachers met and talked to two or three students charged with unruly behavior.

No event was scheduled for community wide participation tonight. We had been told by the counselors to hold a house meeting on the first free evening, but Versie had some obligation. I would have liked to hold an advanced adult language arts class but felt I needed to rest instead. I lay down for an hour, tried to listen to Jim who was reading from the Chilean book, but the transmission was faint and several people entered the cottage and talked so I did not hear much. Inez lay down on clothes and slept all night without working.

I read The Man Who Cried I Am until 11.00.