Edith Roller – May 14, 1978 – Sunday

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I got up at 12.00.

Finished rinsing my laundry I started yesterday.

I went to breakfast. We didn’t have our usual good breakfast for Sunday. Instead we had a bare lunch consisting of a peanut butter sandwich. I stood in line a long time for tea, then field workers were given precedence and I would have had another long wait so I didn’t get any.

I did more laundry.

Jim on loud speaker with some veiled references, gave us latest information on defector’s identity. He or she had stayed with CIA only until Trinidad. Went to Caracas where our intelligence reportedly in Holiday Inn motel, had not met with our enemy, was enjoying himself (said Jim wryly “on our money no doubt”). Envoys from us would go and talk to him. His relatives had arrived in Georgetown. No immediate danger threatened us.

Perhaps that’s the reason the Layton-Moore relatives still with us. I heard later they are leaving Monday as planned.

Heavy rain fell at intervals and I didn’t get all my laundry dry.

I made up my activities schedule which should have been turned in this morning.

I worked on my journal. Decided to make brief notes on yesterday’s events.

The work crews were finishing at 6.30. I went to get dinner at 6.00. We had fried chicken. I traded plates with someone so as to get the leg and dark meat which I prefer. Hot sauce had been prepared and I had some of that.

I went to see the film, “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” with Joyce Lund, from the Carson McCullers book, with Allen Arkin in a leading part. In addition there was a talented young woman, whose name I did not catch. Joyce had made a nice-looking map of Africa by tracing and said she would make me one if I brought her paper. She is studying all the countries of Africa.

During the day I conversed with Rita Lenin, Dorothy Brewer and Bea Orsot on yesterday’s events, getting slightly different points of view. Later listened to a conversation between Inez Wagner and Irra Johnson from these I got a better idea of what Jim may have been trying to do in the White Night.

Was home around 10.00 and read The Man Who Cried I Am short while.

I went to bed after 11.00. I was not aware when the light went out.