Edith Roller – May 15, 1978 – Monday

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On returning from breakfast, I stayed up at the library and looked up material on Brecht and Shakespeare to give to give the advanced class in language arts.

After breakfast I got my journal almost up to date.

Made lesson plans for my classes.

Ate lunch.

I am holding my adult reading class on a new schedule so as to accommodate those who don’t have a 12.00 o’clock lunch hour.

I am teaching the class at 1.00 on Monday and Wednesday and at 12.00 on Tuesday and Thursday both 12.00 and 1.00 on Friday. However people may attend at 12.00 and 1.00 if they wish. Today I used a list of the 465 words most used in English lent to me by Mary Castillo. She got it from Tom Grubbs.  I am putting five on the board every day for recognition and spelling. I evaluated the abilities for reading and current events of Lore B. Parris, who is very good at helping me with passing out and picking up pencils and books. She, however, reads poorly and doesn’t understand the news. She didn’t know what the White Night was about. Furthermore, I found a good portion of the rest of the class did not either, so I explained it to them.

I took my shower.

I prepared materials for my afternoon classes.

In the first period class I used the same word list, that is, arranged alphabetically having the students read in turn what I put on the board. All students were present and fairly orderly.

In the second period all except perhaps two students were respectful and serious.  I read a poem of Brecht twice. Told the class of novels with the same theme and of Brecht’s life.

The teachers met. It was mostly about the behavior of the students who were called in. I went to get my dinner as there was to be a rally tonight.  When I came back the group was looking at Guyanese text books from which we can choose.

I went home and changed clothes. I went to the pavilion. I got a seat toward the front but without a back.

Started at 7.30. Audience singing, two numbers led by Apostolic Singers.

Jim: What’s on my mind? What am I thinking?

(1) Worried about conflict between Soviet Russia and China. Jim: I hope it happens. Surprise you? Like to have psychic impression of date so I can get some good people out. I stand between you and chaos. Russia and China are not going to avoid it. Takes a decade to cut through paranoia.  Prime Minister of China said nuclear war inevitable between China and USSR.

2) Boy:  strategies

3) Boy: person who left, why? Jim have relatives talking to them.  They are already dropping false information. Dr. Moore and his wife made a very good speech. Some US sponsored commissions think they are coming in but they are mistaken.

USA is going to be in nuclear war. Has no protection for people. Are relying on one shot. 212 million people will die in the first 20 minutes. In this part of the world there will be little tribal communities. The US is highly narcissistic, takes no thought for the future. USSR may lose the war because of less population but has technology and backlog of bombs.

4) White Night and next we are in agricultural meeting. We win them all. Jim: first part.

5) Getting all the people over here. Jim: yes, always.

6) Not all the people are here.

7) Jair Baker: Prophetic inspiration of nuclear war, guesses 16th.  Jim says no.

8) Appreciation towards you.  Jim: appreciation should be to principle.

9) Anyone who might be leaving: Marlene Wheeler.  Jim: you hit it; high and low, mostly low but highs have reason to know me. Total independence and irresponsibility becomes their god, I became their devil. History shows you can’t expect closest relatives and friends to stay. Nothing wrong with personification of the principle but most people mix it up with personality. Have to be sensitive and administratively skillful. This is individual being angry, fighting with friends. It’s undesirable for me to make decisions for other people’s lines.

10) Stephen:  many anarchistic selfish people who might use what they think is difference of opinion between me and Jim himself. People in high positions can’t bear to be told they’re wrong. Jim: Mrs. White drops by she makes us all equal. Should see Mrs. White now and then. Marcy apologized for seeming to disagree with Jim.

11) Martin Amos: What Stoen might try next. Yes. Don’t ever say, “Father, you look good.” There is a point at which your dead body is worth more than what you can do alive. Negotiate release of Wilmington 10, for instance.

Jim says defector already refuses to talk to relatives not from point where he gives information on our codes, equipment, our approach. He warns against getting too cocky.

11) Insensitivity: don’t know what next to leave.

12) Sue Jerram: People in the States. How we don’t come up to where we should be. Hope you had a beautiful day. Jim never has that. Every day is a White Night and Jim warns anyone who may be thinking of leaving. Hates to see band going to Georgetown must be able to use some students sometime. With war coming on, you’re not so well off going to the US (as warning).

13) Pauline Groot: How to take care of this family, save money.  Jim: Sometimes, not just now.

14) Norman Ijames, who didn’t show much interest.

15) Where people’s mind and consciousness is. You are cramming us with knowledge. Want people to be trained to assume leadership. Jim: to be honest I didn’t think anyone will be better than me. I think I’m a mutation that dropped off some asteroid.

16) Marshall Farris: How to take care of us all. How to make strategy. Top people have left, conflict between everybody.

17) Chris Cordell: Wants to know how to take some of the burden off you.

18) Diane Wilkinson: The band. Jim: It wasn’t because it is the band. The kitchen would have been the same. Feels badly because in Georgetown they stamp the musicians as US. She finds some resentment against Jim and the project because we look so good. She thinks Mafia can be in Georgetown. She warns against band members getting off to the side and talking to Guyanese. This discussed in band meetings. Told to stay by themselves. Discussion of playing US music versus reggae, associating themselves with marijuana. Band members up on the floor. Which of the band has a tendency to get off to the side. All the Temple representatives danced with outsiders. Last try. All public relations as well as performers danced. Soul Steppers were included in the questioning. Decided all will leave the stage and accept no invitations to dance or talk, go straight to dressing rooms. Male and female rivalry brought up by Stephen.  Type of music, dancing styles discussed. Giving rides came up.  Wish expressed that band did not have to do house cleaning. Agreed that it may be necessary, other details discussed.

Agricultural reports 
Chickenry-Rob Gieg: Raise broilers to have chicken once a week. Have layers so that each person could have four eggs a week. Would need to add people, have to get incubator in and put up more buildings. Sale of broilers would cover the cost. Supply and cost gone over. Analysis was made of the relative cost and income from broilers or eggs to be sold.

Oriental farming-Gene Chaikin: Take one field at a time, cut small roads. Try different techniques. Build a compost house and irrigate. Chaikin to read on the p.a. system what he wrote on intensive farming. Erosion control, a good part of farmland can run off in a year, particularly in the tropics. Measures that can be taken: make shape charts and use land for different crops accordingly. Community to start work on this tomorrow.

Cashew nut fruit is poisonous, will burn skin; children to be cautioned.

Fields-Jan Wilsey: 
Four more acres of rice planted. One planted broadcast didn’t come out well.

Beans, many varieties doing well.  Marcy spoke to advisability of eating rice unpolished.  Tish says may get answer on radio where we can get it.  Several people made suggestions.  Gene Chaikin thinks we can get rice paddy which would solve the problem

Cassava.  Some plants diseased. Russ Moton thinks dry spell is responsible.  Thing to do is “wait and see.” Gieg thinks nothing done to implement.  Russ Moton says may not be worth it to spray.  Lee Ingram and Mary Wotherspoon emphasize necessity of immediate action.  Chaikin says agriculturists think white fly is not harmful.

Bananas-Danny Kutulas: Quite a way to go to provide one banana to each person.

Land Cultivation-Philip Blakey:  Report on tractor use.

Land Construction-Mike Touchette:  Cleared site for area to put new buildings built by individuals and for sawmill construction.  Build on crates that come in.  Guy Mitchell says we need pasture for pigs. Decision: have to go to analyst.  Chaikin asks how we ran out of diesel fuel so we can’t use heavy equipment. Answer: boat schedule and Mike says all drums aren’t picked up.

Paula says looking for more fuel drums. It was decided to ask Tim to give report on boat fuel situation. We don’t have enough fuel storage on the farm.  Mike suggests checking for surplus storage tanks. Says weighs about 120 lbs. Figures industrial cost given.  Jim said order from the states air freight. Long discussion on tanks for fuel storage.

Soap Factory-Etta Thompson:  Factory almost completed.

Farm Manager-Rev James Edwards: Jim asks about program on hog slaughter.  Edwards says chickens take up refrigerator space.  Freezer can’t take it.  Jim says pork out. It’s costing us money using commercial transportation. Decided to get slaughtered hog up to Kaituma by 7.00 so as to save tractor time for agriculture work by working tonight.

Cheryle McCall has been arrogant.  Has had intense counseling. Put on Learning Crew.  Ava says she has never met anyone who manipulated so badly behaved she can’t be handled on Learning Crew.  Marcy says she should continue to work on pots and pans. Will sleep on Learning Crew at night.

Diane Lundquist wrote up herself because she gave corporal punishment to child. Jim referred to kindness.

Marcus Anderson bad record on Learning Crew. Marice Anderson off.  Michaeleen Brady has to have twelve good days.  She’s improving.  Loreatha Buckley was good on Learning Crew. Off and recommended for supervisor. Chris Morrell [probably Chris Cordell], go for another week.

Praises to be read tomorrow by Vernetta on p.a. system.

Jim had become more and more exhausted. Finally his head fell and he gasped. “I cannot go on.” I was afraid he was near death.  Marcy and Stephen tended to him. He revived sufficiently to end the meeting, but I was very worried. We were dismissed about 1:00.

I was in bed by 1.30.