Edith Roller – May 19, 1978 – Friday

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Had breakfast.

Prepared a questionnaire to give the adult class on what they needed and wanted from the class. Typed, making two carbons, the list of the people who are requested to take the extra socialism class.

Went to lunch.

Met the adult class at 12.15 and gave them the questionnaires. All the questions could be answered with yes or no or a one word answer except the last in which I asked for their criticisms of the class, any improvements they could suggest, etc. I asked them not to say their names. Kaye Rosas and Lore Parris helped me.

At about 1.00 when Jim started reading the news I went to the microphone in the Radio Room and read the names of those who had to take the extra socialism class. Jim arrived while I was doing this and I had the impression he was displeased, perhaps only because he wanted to use the microphone and was in pain, as he always is.

I stayed past 1.00 to let people finish their papers. Some had not finished and I told them they could finish later.

I took my shower.

I read through the adult class quiz. Most of the remarks made in answer to the last question were extremely laudatory, though there were some suggestions made.

I met my first period English class in the pavilion on account of the rain. Several students were not there. I brought several different reading textbooks from which each person should choose something to read to himself. Then I had them read aloud to me a few paragraphs so that I could see how they do. The books were approximately fourth grade level and all made many errors. Marcus had the most trouble.

The second period class was to have a day for free reading in the library. However, Jann gave a special briefing on the news because of the test tonight and most attended this session.

I ate dinner.

There was no English teachers’ meeting.

I went to the cottage and prepared for political enlightenment class at 7.30. The questions were read by Jim. He made a few changes. He read the questions very fast and it must have been hard to write the answers. I was writing the questions down. Don Jackson wrote them on the board. I had to help several seniors who could not write and read some of the questions again. At the end of the test Jim came on the microphone with an accusation that cases of cheating had been uncovered. The teachers went to meet with Johnny Jones Sr. and to go into these charges. In the meantime he appointed Lee Ingram and Jann Gurvich to conduct the extra socialism class. This met in the rice tent, with the hearing on the cheating went on in the school tent.

I wrote the letter for a while but decided to go to the extra class. The people accused of cheating were mostly high school students, but it was not clear to me how they had gotten the questions. I expected to teach a small group of the extra class and many were waiting for me but scores of people were attracted by curiosity and the group was not broken down. Jann, helped by Lee gave one of her intellectual presentations. I felt sorry for the seniors who could not get much help in this way.

The class was out at 10.00. I went home very tired and went to bed. Inez was disturbed by a second night of hammering on the windmill and platform being built at the end of the last row of cottages (our row). It is part of a children’s playground but I hear that it is really a camouflaged watch tower and that children probably will be allowed there only under supervision and or to impress guests. I went to sleep in spite of the hammering.