Edith Roller – May 20, 1978 – Saturday

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Went to breakfast.

Laura told me Patty was being assigned to Dorm 1 to help with children on the New Brigade.

Annie B. Washington missed some for her belongings yesterday. Someone had gone through her baggage. Ann had borrowed her raincoat without saying anything to her about it. She saw some young women in the cottage visiting Ann. Inez, Versie and I discussed the matter and decided we should have a house meeting. We set it for Saturday night at 7.00.

Jim had earlier told us that some newsmen might be arriving and had even instructed the children what answers to give to some possible inquiries. This morning he said that a Mrs. Hunter, wife of the publisher of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, for whom he had done some important favors, had become a member of the conspiracy. She was so dangerous that the Guyanese government had issued an expulsion order, an extreme step. She is to leave by 9.00 tomorrow but at present, cannot be found.

I borrowed Rita’s pail and did my laundry. I found space on the line behind the cottage. Although there were a few showers during the day, the sun came out sufficiently to dry everything.

I made notes for my journal entry.

Read the adult questionnaires.

Had lunch at 12.00.

Tropp had called for a meeting of the English teachers from 1.00 to 3.00 today for curriculum planning. I thought he said it was to be in the pavilion and I went there at 1.00. I found no trace of Tropp there and he was not in the school tent or the rice tent. I inquired at Radio Room and they didn’t know where he was.

I did personal chores, took a shower and washed my hair.

Finished reading the adult class quiz and tabulated the results. Some answers were not clear in spite of the simplicity of the questionnaire, but on the whole I think it gives a useful indication of the state of mind of the class.  I typed a two page report for Jim. I also turned in praises for Lore B Parris and for Nancy Clay who has made much progress in reading.

I went to dinner.

A rally was held at 7.30. I wore boots but took them off and sat with my feet on my plastic bag as the blisters have formed again. Hot and perspiring feet cause the fungus infection to revive.

The news on the p.a. system which had been broadcast earlier opened the rally.

Singing loudly. Jim said Mrs. Hunter can’t be found. It would be naïve to think she might not be with mercenaries out in the bush. Had us sing loudly.

Teachers put on floor for news quiz.

Quiet on China and USSR conflict. Russia has superior armament. China can’t invade Russia, Jim doesn’t believe. Won’t survive unless in underground shelters. Russia can destroy with laser beam incoming missiles.

Jim on the necessity of learning so we understand what we’re fighting for. Otherwise people become traitors. Led with discussion of “doing your own thing,” capitalists taught us this so we wouldn’t unite. A lot of “shitheads” are here, not all children: wasting clothes, leaving around dishes, etc, stealing food, cheating on exams.

Agriculture Reports
Were heard after completion of exams in line.

Edwards on trench site for compost. Horses for hauling. Plans to castrate horses to make them more useful. John Jones, Sr. recommends keeping them uncastrated to cross with donkeys for intensive agriculture. Oxen recommended. Jim says need more research. Compost to be put in ditch on edge of the bush. Discussion on what for horses to pull.

Budgets-Tish Leroy: new system. All departments using people have to submit one for people and money. Analysts’ meeting on Friday night after socialism meeting. All persons have to be reported, cut out emergencies by planning.

Gardens-Shirley Smith: Vegetables picked and planted, other tasks.

Agronomy-Russ Moton: working on soil samples, various diseases, fungi.

Livestock-Shawanna: slaughtering schedule. Lucioes Bryant needed but can’t be spared from the banana crew. Richard Clark now is assigned.

Poultry-Rob Gieg:  Trouble about two chickens, crippled, which were cooked and fed to dogs which should have been eaten by people. We had generator failure this week, so lost some eggs in incubator. 275 chickens required for one meal, up to $5,000.

Jim has remarked on incentive plan for those wishing to build their own house. Analysts will work on it.

Small animals-Chris Talley: reports on second dog who looks as if he has been burned. Jim: I despise torturers. I torture torturers. John Harris looks at the dog.

Citrus-Becky Flowers.

Senior Garden-Selika Bordenave.

Insecticide control-Ernestine Blair: Got more people to spray, if it doesn’t rain too much hopes to catch up with spraying. Thanks Mike Lund for service as he has retired.

Jim says he has twice caught the tool room unsupervised.

The soap manufacturing building is finished. Etta Thompson started on her work.

Jim: Can’t afford free medicines for outsiders. Worries about effort stateside. Perpetrators can get help from the government and Stoen has us up for a million dollar suit. Will have to sell every property we have, so that we can’t pay as we’re going to lose this suit in Mendocino County

Question on purchases. Fish is in. Jim says should be used for our food.

Alice Ingram will be switched to warehouse before completing her required two weeks in the fields as she is badly needed there. Jim’s decision.

Thurman Guy and another lets generator run down due to laziness. Assigned to New Brigade.

New policy: 3 days on New Brigade for every time one has been on the New Brigade before, starting tonight.

Michaeleen Brady threatened to run away again. Jim says keep her under constant supervision, night and day. She uses Marcy’s concern to get what she wants. Jim: she manipulates.

Newhuanda Darnes: cheating. Mary Griffith, Jr and Mary Griffith Sr. Newhuanda:  got answers to test in school tent. Denise Johnson taken off because of her attitude on Mothers Day.  Mabel Jones for cheating. Anita March for stealing?  Theft will be dealt with severely in the future. Two weeks.  Cheating, stealing, thievery come under the two weeks heading. Kim Fye cheating. Cheryle McCall doesn’t like being asked what she’s doing: one more day. Jerome Anderson for cheating. Sue Jerram for cheating on food again. Marcy recommends a cucumber to chew on. Pacifier recommended by someone else. Think Jim decided on cucumber.

List of people who missed medications and received warnings.

Long list of praises.

Meeting dismissed. I got home about 1.00.

A dirty plate and fork had been left on top of Annie’s bed. I questioned each person as they came in but Ann was not in by the time I went to sleep. It was obvious she had done it. That and the thieving from people belongings were discussed and it was decided to try to hold a home meeting tomorrow.

I went to bed about 1.30.