Edith Roller – May 21, 1978 – Sunday

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For breakfast today we had biscuits and syrup with nothing extra. I was hungry before dinner was served in the afternoon.

Ann had left a plate and fork in the cottage since yesterday. I saw her at breakfast and reminded her they should be retuned to the dinning room as Jim had been very firm about this last night. She said she wasn’t in last night’s rally.

At home I made journal notes.

Jim on the p.a. system announced that Mrs. Hunter had not appeared by the hour set for her expulsion and an order for her arrest had been issued.

As I had a free morning with everybody else out, except Harriet and Ruth, until 12.00 noon, I typed in my journal. I made considerable progress.

When the others arrived for their half day off, I put the journal away and went through the papers in my crate. I sorted out what I wanted to keep, read or use in teaching. The others cleaned house, dried out their beds and mattresses (which had gotten wet from the rain) and so on. There was a discussion of putting curtains on the beds and decorating. Inez wanted to put up curtains around her bed and wants me to do the same to balance the appearance of the room.

Rain fell this afternoon.

I went to dinner about 4.00. We had boiled chicken and dumplings.

I read some of the papers I had sorted out, newspaper and magazine articles and so forth. I kept out some for instructional purposes.

There was music in the pavilion, movies in the dining room. At 7.00 I went for my treat.

Eleanor Beam moved in to our cottage tonight. She is occupying an upper bunk across from Ruth. Like Ruth she works nights on security.

I read The Man Who Cried I Am tonight.

I was in bed asleep by 11:00.