Edith Roller – May 23, 1978 – Tuesday

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Had breakfast.

At home I worked on my journal.

Took my shower early as I was going to get my foot treated at the medical clinic. The fungus infection on the same foot and about the same place as before. I have a blister back of my third toe. Wearing boots is necessary now because of rain is the main factor.  Feet get hot and perspire. I was told to come at 11.00 today. Wanda treated it. She scolded me for not coming in sooner as earlier it may have been cured by simpler method; the ointment necessary now is expensive and scarce.

Had lunch.

Held my adult reading class at 12.00. Did the phonics review first. I had all the beginning readers sit in front, also those who cant see well. Christine Jones (Cobb) had spoken to me about helping with my adult class. She works nights, has spare time during the day. I suggested she visit this week and see what we are doing. A flurry of rain drove us inward in the school tent where we had less space and not all could see the chalkboard but we did the best we could. I skimmed over an article on apartheid in South Africa.

At home I worked on my journal and made preparations for my afternoon classes.

I took with me to classes a pair of clogs (thongs) planning to wear them inside as they give my feet more air but I was so busy with all the classroom details that I did not put them on. The first period class sat on benches with no tables or desks. I led a discussion on intensive farming, giving details on which they took notes, planning to have the students discuss it tomorrow. For the second period class we had a table. I read a McCabe article from the San Francisco Chronicle on telephone abuse and asked them to select sentences with subordinate or coordinate clauses. The class behaved well because I threatened to bring those who misbehaved before teachers meeting. However only a few participated and some were noticeably inattentive.

At the teachers meeting following classes we merely reported absences.

I went home and changed clothes for the rally.

Yvonne Golden: our people had to save her from a mob of Nazis who were threatening her though she has not stood up for us.

Called on by Dr. Reid to do some intelligence work on one of his own members.

Oreen Poplin coming in tonight on plane. She’s been a hell-raiser. She had liquor and snuff in suitcase, was drunk when she got off plane. Carl  probably died to get away from her. Hue Fortson sent with a woman to get her and bring her back.

Agricultural reports 
Amanda Edwards explained what is going on this rainy season in agriculture. Jim said work crews must be given education, instruction on agriculture. Getting wheat made into cracked wheat. Corn ground into grits. Ron Talley and three others assigned by steering to see if vacuum seals still hold. Jim bought it in 1974 for use in the cave.

Radio report. Parallax View and Executive Action film man broken in the States. They won’t let him sell anything. Wants to involve himself in our story and doesn’t have a penny. Jim wanted to bring him in if we cut back through.

Discussion on method of testing the vacuum.

Peanuts- Jeffery: Three acres, 946 pounds per acre. Many wasted as they started to sprout in rainy season. Prevention of this planned. Disposal of peanuts not needed for planting discussed.

Land clearing-Mike Touchette.

Use of machinery-Philip Blakey.

Don Fitch says work on the horse wagon can be started in a week.

Bananas-D. Kutulas.

Cassava-Tina Turner.

Fields-Jan Wilsey: 8 acres trouble with larvae. Going up river to get new stock. She’s already going to get coffee trees. Rice doing well on burnt filed. Haven’t had to use commercial fertilizer.

Sorrel and brick: Progress report on both. Producing bricks. Weeds are getting ahead with sorrel. Sidewalk to have been built to Lynetta’s grave. Jack said science class was to do that and it was disbanded. Suggestion that it be done by agricultural workers in rainy season. It is too wet most of the time but can be done on clear half-days.

Soap-Etta Thompson: needs more wood to make ashes. Roosevelt Turner says he can get it, can make soap last week in June. Jim says we need to mass produce it. Analysts should help. Colton Moton, Sr. said we should investigate slaughter house in Port Kaituma for grease. Jim approved.

Safety committee: Little progress reported as Julius Evans supposed to do it, he is in Georgetown. Marie will do it.

When agenda was announced as completed, some clapped. Jim objected. Don’t ever insult this community by clapping for end of the agenda. If all involved as should be, wouldn’t have to be a general rally. Work would flow through other channels.

Review of New Brigade, some of them off. Darell Keller threatened suicide. Said to Richard Clark who just came. Says he wanted to be a supervisor. His companion says she doesn’t get anything out of his relationship. Reported he won’t take directions from a female. Jim orders him to shape up, don’t talk about suicide, and take orders from sisters.

Paul McCann wasn’t in line for volunteers to give news tonight, says he didn’t know any news this week. Jim says some nurture cripples and let them weaken us. Jim risked going to jail to save him. Paul had said he didn’t like to stand up and speak in public. Instance of his callousness with his wife while she is in hospital. I proposed he make a special report on intensive farming in socialism class, some additions made.

Ronnie Beikman and Danny Beck: two weeks on new brigade for stealing boots.

Ricardo Arterberry stole a clock. A woman thought it her clock, sent him back for the cover. It was a different clock and he was caught.

James Johnson stole a tape recorder. Tony Linton admitted the two stole it together. James got only one week for being loyal to another. Tony let off for telling on himself. Jim: “We don’t need any more enemies, we got enough outside.” Tony caught Jim’s suffering as few do.

Jamal Baisy: most disruptive child in Dorm 1. Decided he go to new brigade.

JonDeshi Baisy and Ronald Campbell teasing Bobby Christian about involuted naval. Two weeks on Learning Crew. Jim said teachers warn all children two weeks for teasing.

Complaint about nature of directions given by Gene Chaikin to mulch citrus trees. Some on crew, Glenda Polite and Becky Flowers, say his instructions not demonstrated well. Told to write instructions. He says he’ll spend more time with crew and give better instructions and drop superior attitude.

Long discussion with one of the crew, Dorothy Rollins, who said something to Sebastian McMurry with regard to approach to her of Tim Jones, Jim’s son, appeared blurry. Sebastian brought from sick bed to testify about Dorothy’s words. Another young man gave his version and Tim stated what he had said and how he treated her. Jim says she and other sisters unemancipated don’t appreciate principle, talk to other men about the brother. Jim says she doesn’t understand herself. Jim said, “My son worshiped you and you talk about him. This hurt me” Jim asks her to give her opinion of Tim and Sebastian. She says “Tim is nice, you know, Sebastian is an ass. He asked her what is revisionism and what are the principle enemies of communism”. She could not answer.

Keith Wade reported walking around and not working. Jan Wilsey says he has this habit.

Praises given. Dismissed at 1.00.