Edith Roller-June 1, 1978 – Thursday

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After breakfast I read the news on the board so as to be prepared for talking at the Medical Office. At the warehouse I got some soap and a piece of string on which to put my keys to my crates so that they’ll be safe from pilferers and from loss.

I did some more research in the library in books to be used in teaching metaphors to my second hour class.

I worked on journal entries.

We had a heavy lunch: greens, soup, and a peanut butter sandwich. I was not very hungry today, so I took the peanut butter sandwich home, and kept it in plastic.

Took my shower. I had to hurry to get to the Medical Office in time for my usual Thursday talk at 2.00. They were so busy that instead of my talking to the group I ran through the items for Sylvia Grubbs and she took notes to distribute to the others.

I returned to my cottage to get my material for my class. The first period class was late in assembling.  The news was being given on the p.a. system So that Tropp could not make an announcement. Some were late which Tropp noted. I gave the class a spelling lesson. I thought it was time to demand better behavior from this group of students. Their demeanor in class has improved but they still interrupt me without raising their hands, talk to each other during class, play with objects during class, and paw over my books and worst of all ask irrelevant questions continuously. I told them this behavior had to stop.  A few did well in the spelling test; the others did badly.

In the second period class I told the students I was going to have them do the metaphor project on a class rather then individual basis. I put the books and magazines I had got from the library on the table and told them to share them and help each other. Most of the class worked hard. I got questions from some; a few didn’t try. Occasionally a teenage sense of humor was displayed is a particular metaphor.

At dinner we again had a good meal: rice w/gravy, and chicken giblets, sweet potatoes, and a vegetable. I didn’t take a bun.

I missed the teachers meeting, went home at 7.30. The socialist teachers met with instructions to prepare a test for possible use. Rob Christian was not there, nor Vernetta.  Don Jackson presided – Debbie Jensen [Schroeder] had information on points I wanted included. We kept our voices low and watched security over the test questions diligently; we each made suggestions and turned them over to Tish to be typed up. We then discussed teaching methods with reference to seniors particularly, though we did not know how the extra classes were to be handled. Jann who was teaching a spelling class at 8.00 sent word asking for help, three of us volunteered.

Several people were in the cottage when I arrived. Eleanor was “pressing” Anne’s hair with a hot iron, Inez was making and putting up her curtains; Irra was sick with a virus perhaps which a number of people have had. Estelle McCall visited us; she and Inez are close. She may move in. She hadn’t returned to 1029 Geary.  She said Jossie Chambliss had her passport and Michelle Johnson was expecting to come after her son’s baby arrives. Patty Dennis [McCoy] has been moved to a dorm.

I finished The Man Who Cried I Am but went through the last part hastily. I want to read the ending again.

I went to bed at 11.00.