Edith Roller – June 2, 1978 – Friday

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I corrected the first period spelling tests and made plans for today. Read the papers on metaphor from the second period class. They had done well on the whole.

Made notes for journal entries.

Went to lunch.

Stopped by the library looked up more notes for the second period class.

At 1.00 met the adult class. We had a phonics lesson. I then discussed a few news events to help the class pass the test if there was to be one tomorrow.

Took my shower.

During the first period spent the time on definitions of Marxist-Leninist terms. I returned papers to the second period and told them I would be turning the class over to Peter. I read some of the metaphors from some of the papers. Did not have time to give any extra material which I had planned. I talked to a few students who did not have the ideas and to those who hadn’t turned papers in.

[Dottie] Shajhuanna Harris (Constance Harris’ daughter) and Maury Janaro.  They now show much interest in language arts.  They had examples, not very good, saying they haven’t had books to work with, implying discrimination on the part of others. This may be true of this class but they could have asked me for help.

Had dinner.

We had teacher’s meeting. Dick took down absences. We discussed students’ behavior and recommended some for praises. I told Peter of the students who didn’t get their work in. Tropp mentioned that lesson plans had been suggested. It was agreed that English and math teachers would meet and work cooperatively on them on Saturday at 3.00 to 5.00.

I went home.

Socialism classes met in the pavilion. I located a seat but had to give it up, as the socialist teachers had to monitor the test. Jim asked the questions, all of which were essay type. Jerome Anderson asked me to write his answers as he can’t write well enough. The test was difficult and given very fast, the people were allowed to go back over it. Jerome did only fair. Jim, after the papers were collected, had the answers given on the p.a. system, he said the teachers would take the test tomorrow at the rally.

Jann was assigned to teach the extra class to be given tomorrow to those who had failed previous tests. I asked her if she needed help, as I volunteered last night. She obviously didn’t want me. Pauline Simon taught the entire class.

A large group from Jonestown is going to several of the towns in the North West region to hear Burnham speak tomorrow. Versie and Inez were named. They readied their clothing and packed, then Inez was told Tom Grubbs, who has been overworked, was told not to come to work tomorrow and the problem of manning the school office came up.

I had borrowed 2 of my (former) books from the library. Collected Poems by WB Yeats and the Identity of Yeats by Richard Ellman. I read them for over an hour while waiting for Versie and Inez to finish their work.

Went to bed at 1.30, very tired from the day’s event especially being on my feet so long during the test.