Edith Roller – June 8, 1978 – Thursday

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After breakfast and my morning routine. I spent some time reviewing news in preparing for speaking before Medical Office today and read the news posted on the board, and Teresa gave me her notes to read. She takes down Jim’s newscasts for summarization on the chalkboards in the library. Though in longhand, they were not very clear to me.

I prepared go my adult class. I read the papers I had received yesterday. There were several which expressed thoughtful ideas with regard to religion and were clearly enough written to be appreciated.

Took my shower at 11.00 as I thought I might not have enough time after I spoke to the medical personnel at 2.00.

I was a little late for lunch.

In the adult class I gave a phonics review first, and then I explained several items of news. I didn’t have any time left to have the class practice reading.

Went directly to the medical office. The staff who had time to listen to me sat outside today at tables in the dinning area. There was less distraction than at any previous meeting with medical personnel.

I didn’t go home after the discussion but sat in the pavilion and read The Identity of Yeats.

I attended the language arts session continuing the study of “Z.”

Went home afterwards and came back for dinner.

Becky Beikman had told me she had two new baby macaws which were received from an Amerindian last night. Becky supervises the care of the birds. I went with her to watch her feed them. They were surprisingly big, but were quite young as their feather growth was incomplete. They have to be kept warm and fed by hand.  We gave them rice.  These are blue macaws, one male and one female. The two macaws we have now are both male, so we’re happy to have a female.

I went to the high school teachers meeting.  Afterwards I stayed to discuss privately with [Dick] Tropp, Ellie’s objections to my typing. I reminded him I use the typewriter to keep school records and do school work. He said Eleanor would have to adapt to my typing. He would speak to Jack Beam.

The political enlightenment teachers met at 7:00. Jim had given about seven overall topics he wished us to discuss in the classes. Each teacher was to turn in two proposed questions for the next test based on these topics.

The political enlightenment classes met at 8.00. Don Jackson and I led discussion on the required items. Among them were religion, occultism, and science fiction as harmful influences at the present time and discussion of the film “Z”.

I read a while in Identity of Yeats after reaching home.

Went to bed at 11.00.