Edith Roller – June 11, 1978 – Sunday

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For breakfast we had wheat cereal and a toasted English muffin.

Typed in my journal for about 2½ hrs. I did five pages. Eleanor did not complain and may have slept through it.

Most of the cottage residents by 12.20 had returned for their half day off. Irra and Inez were still in their cleaning up and fixing up mood. Irra swept, rearranged and decorated. Patty McCoy left some of her belongings which were all put in a box. Inez went to the falls with Jack Barron.

I shampooed my hair after doing a few personal chores.

Read Identity of Yeats.

Went to eat sometime after 4.00; we had fried rice.

Counseling for our cottage was scheduled at 6.15.  A few of us came, but most did not and we were dismissed.

At 7.00 I went to the pavilion and inquired of Jann about the political enlightenment test papers. I hadn’t realized it but many teachers took papers last night; so there were no more to do. Rob Christian was testing those who because of work or for other reasons had not taken the test last night and he called for help with the seniors who couldn’t write. I went to the rice tent and offered my services.  There were more who needed help than there were helpers.  But the seniors for the most part did not understand the questions. I tried to help Mary Castillo, the humped back woman, and another elderly woman.  Rob gave the questions very fast and was impatient.

At home I read Identity of Yeats a while.

Mary Lou Clancey and Christine Lucientes moved into our cottage loft tonight from the cottage next door, Inez and I have been concerned that Karen would do the typing for her job (she handles counseling matters for Jim) in our cottage at night time.

Laura moved to the upper bunk downstairs.  Irra Johnson put a mattress and sheet on the lower bunk so that it would look neat.

Terri is back in the loft. She and Mike Prokes returned. I think they may have been in Caracas for the conference of which Jim spoke  and have gone to see what Debbie Blakey was doing there.