Edith Roller – June 12, 1978 – Monday

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After breakfast I talked to Rita. She told me the loft in her cottage was being remodeled because a child would be in the cottage. This is probably John, not Kemo. I don’t know why Mary Lou Clancey is moving into our cottage.

I caught up a little on my journal.

Had lunch.

In my adult class I gave spelling words, phonics and then told them of my effort to help improve the testing situation for seniors. To do this I want to learn how well my class members write and also whether they can discuss news items clearly. We then had class discussion on the movie“Z”. I wrote proper names on the board and asked all who could to write a pargraph on what “Z” shows.  Christine Young [Cobb] came during the last part of the period. She had made an alphabetical list for the class roll.

Took a shower.

My Language Arts class discussed “Z” again.  Attendance was low.

Read Identity of Yeats in the pavilion.

For dinner we had kidney beans fried fish and sweet potatoes.

Only Tropp and I attended teachers meeting. Tropp dealt with some students brought up for a misdemeanor.

A rally was scheduled but was cancelled.

I went home. Irra and Inez were there talking still about decorating the cottage. Irra objected to my towels because they are stained. I wash them myself by hand and the water is muddy so they don’t come out spotless. I don’t like to send them to the laundry because of the trouble and because they are sometimes lost. Irra wants me to get new towels from the warehouse.

I went back to the central area and announced a special meeting of my adult class, as Jim had asked me to have evening sessions for those who could not attend in the daytime. 14 people came. I gave suggestions about learning news events and talked about several countries in Africa.

When I changed back into my boots, I left behind my thongs I had been wearing.  Missing them when I got home, I went back and looked for them, but couldn’t find them.

Read Identity of Yeats.

Went to bed at 11.00.