Edith Roller – June 14, 1978 – Wednesday

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As rising and eating were 2 hours late this morning, I found I could not be served breakfast until 9.00.

Worked on journal entries.

Made a lesson plan for my adult class.

In the adult class we had a phonics lesson, then I opened a discussion on stealing. First hearing complaints from people who had missed items of clothing and other articles Then I asked if class members had observed or suspected the theft of food from the kitchen area or special favors given to the staff’s relatives or friends. There were many complaints but they were general in character. Selika Bordenave, who reports on the senior gardens in rallies and also is head of inspectors was in attendance and participated. She supported my request to the group to gather evidence and submit it, including names, and details. The class session aroused a great deal of interest.

I took my shower.

Had intended to start diagnostic reading tests in first period class today but as Willie was not present I did not. I brought different reading texts and let the students choose what they wanted to read. Marcus and Marice Anderson read something together which they seemed to enjoy very much. Jerome showed no interest in reading. Billy made a pretense of reading intently something by Lenin which he has brought in previously but his attention wondered and he stared blankly. Loretha found nothing she cared about. Yolanda Brown and Alida Santiago did fairly well.

I helped Annie B. Washington with a report on articles she has lost, beginning when she lived in our cottage. Thieves continue to steal some of her personal items of clothing from the apartment where she lives now. Joyce Touchette had advised her to give a description of the articles so that the inspectors can be on the look-out for them. So getting her description, writing them down took the whole next period until dinner.

I ate. Some of us got together for teachers meeting but Tropp did not come.

At 7.00 we had the special socialism class for all those who had failed to pass the test. Three teams of two teachers each had been chosen. There would have been enough teachers without me. Christine would have excused me. However one young woman wanted to go home and care for her baby so I took her place. Besides I was curious to see what aspect the experience had on seniors. Bob Rankin was my partner, we taught for three hours. We got good participation.  But I thought Bob Rankin was too difficult for most of those present. I was very tired as I had been on my feet so much.

When I was ready to go home I couldn’t find my boots, which I believed I had taken off in the pavilion. A movie had been shown in the pavilion and I couldn’t find my boots there, neither were they in the library or rice tent.

I went home and went to bed as 11.00.