Edith Roller – June 15, 1978 – Thursday

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Important officials, agricultural officials and newspapermen, visited today arriving at 9:00. John was in our loft with Mary Lou Clancy, probably to keep him out of the way of newspapermen.

I borrowed Rita’s little tub to do some preliminary washing. I had a conversation with her. She said Lisa, Larry, and Karen Layton were called to the radio room during the night. Rita and I talked about the possibility of food theft from the kitchen. She does not believe there are many instances of doing favors for friends. I told her of Irra and Inez getting scraps of cloth which they are going to use to make extra clothes for themselves. She thought I should mention this to Ruby Carroll. Ruth is a server (helps serve food to guests) has few clothes to wear compared with other girls.

I washed my clothes and hung them up. A little rain fell afterwards during the day but most of my clothes got dry.

Worked on my lesson plans and did s little work on my journal.

Had lunch.

Met my adult class. We had a kind of word game during the phonics sessions. I made a few remarks as a follow-up to the discussion on food cheating, warning the group to be sure they submitted evidence with charges and to be polite when speaking to an individual about alleged injustice. Christine had come in. I suddenly remembered it was Thursday and I should have been prepared to speak before the medical department but I had heard and read very little news during the week and had not reviewed it this morning. I decided not to try to give the talk. Christine gave some news items to the class and I wrote them on the board.

I dismissed the class a little early and made my excuses to the medical office.

Had a shower.

Finished my preparations for my first period class. I met the class in the pavilion. We had no blackboard. I had written six questions on “Z” on separate pieces of paper. I had the students write answers, taking the questions in any order. I helped with spelling. They seemed to enjoy the exercise. Jerome was on the front gate and Willie is still not back in class.

The beginning free hour I worked on my journal entries.

Went to dinner. We had liver with rice, eggplant and greens, sweet potatoes and a fruit salad of pineapple and mangoes.

The Socialism teachers met at 6.30, Rob Christian in charge. We each wrote two suggested questions for the next test and discussed arrangements for giving and grading the tests. The grading was too lenient on the last one and some teachers told their friends their grades before final decisions were made. We decided to recommend that Socialism teachers grade papers for their own classes. Those taking the test who cannot write will be taken out and given help in the rice tent.

People who have to take the extra class tonight (teachers had already been chosen) were assembling. Jim announced they could see the movies being shown and write a report on them.

I went home instead of seeing the films. I learned later they were “The Parallax View” and a film on the Rosenberg trial. I think they were shown on videotape, the machine had been repaired.

I read Identity of Yeats.

Mary Lou and Annie Moore came to get Terri Buford’s trunk. She is going to Georgetown. She has had only 3 hours at home since her arrival.

Irra was the first in our cottage to arrive home. She told me that after the film Jim spoke. He said Lisa, Larry and Karen Layton had made a phone patch on the radio speaking for the press, but the press didn’t pay any attention to what they said. Apparently Debbie Blakey is actively helping the conspiracy. She stole $15,000.

I went to bed about 11.00.