Edith Roller – June 16, 1978 – Friday

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Visitors were in Jonestown today.

After breakfast I made journal entries, also worked on lesson plans for my classes and read papers written by the adult class and first period class.

Had lunch.

In the adult class we had a phonics drill first. We then discussed news items suggested by different class members. Vernetta came by and gave me a sheet with Jim’s remarks last night. I put the main details on the board. Rob Christian did not come today.

Had my shower.

During the first period class we had discussion around the table on “Z”. The students displayed occasional insights but also had a number of misconceptions.

I waited in the pavilion for a senior who had wanted me to write something for her but she didn’t come. I wrote journal entries.

After dinner I went home, then came back for socialist teachers meeting. Rob Christian presided. We were to draft questions and a committee of three was to select the ones to pass on to Jim as our selections.  We heard some comments on the grading of the last test. Rob Christian was very resentful of Dick Troop’s criticisms. Jann said she would never supervise such a test again.

We broke up and the political enlightenment class met. Rob Christian read the test questions. I was exhausted. I wrote the questions on paper and Don Jackson wrote them on the board. Students wrote the question down, answered them later. I offered to stay to help people who couldn’t write. This proved to be a tiring chore as I had to move to each one to hear the answer privately and write it down. There were about eight seniors and two children.

A required movie on the Nazis was being shown in the pavilion but when I finished the test I didn’t stay for it. I went home and read Identity of Yeats.

The other cottage residents came home. There was talk of the rat that had been heard in the cottage. Some saw him. He had apparently eaten a hole in my plastic bag and on some of Irra’s fabric scraps. Inez and Irra were particularly upset. Christine Lucientes went next door to sleep. I didn’t get to sleep until midnight because people heard or saw the rat. He ran around the loft and over the beds.