Edith Roller – February 15, 1978

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15 February – Wednesday 1978
We were allowed to sleep till 9.00.  Had a half day, which means that high school classes were cancelled and students worked in the fields.

Jim made announcements throughout the day on a worsening political situation in Guyana, the cabinet is in process of change.

Spent a good deal of time in the afternoon working on yesterday’s journal entry, then read in Holt. Expected that we might be called out to water the garden but a little rain fell and we didn’t have to.

Met my adult class at 8.00.  I made an announcement and Jim made another.  He said that all adults who were free from work should come. He then came over to see whether they were there.  Some 20 attended; I spent a good deal of time on the Ogden Nash selection, “The Turtle.”  Most seemed to enjoy it.

The letter-writing group which had worked on the previous letter met and each person was assigned to write to specific congressmen on the Stoen custody case. Tim and Grace Stoen are in Washington, seeking support in their efforts to get custody of John.  I wrote a draft letter and after approval took it home put it on the typewriter.