Edith Roller – February 17, 1978

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17 February – Friday 1978
Accomplished very little today. After breakfast I went to the vegetable shed to get a papaya.  None were in sight. I ate a cucumber instead.

Worked on journal entries for a short time. Had lunch about 11.30.

Went to my class at 12.00. I explained to them, that in view of yesterday’s happenings, I was going to be firmer.  I wanted them to pay attention, not talk out of turn, work on their spelling.  Then I changed the assignment for today. I asked them to think for five minutes on yesterday’s events and then I wrote their observations on the board in preparation for their writing on Monday. I found that Jann and Tom had both given written assignments on the crisis day.

Did a little more on journal entries before the high school teachers meeting.

Dick Tropp explained his project for an apprenticeship program to go into effect when this term ends in two or three weeks. Each student would be assigned to working areas of the community under supervision. They would attend class alternately on Monday/ Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday. Science teachers would be associated with the work areas. The classes would be divided into Language Arts with Social Sciences and Math. Friday would be used for testing and review. Students would not have much less time in academic subjects but that subjects would be tied in with the work projects.

A great deal of record keeping would be involved, plus the time involved in setting it up. As Tom will be going into his isolation project on Monday, he won’t be available. There was some discussion on the possibility that the Guyanese government require us to administer tests of their own on academic abilities.  We would like to get sample tests and prepare them.  Carolyn Layton said it would be better not to go directly to the government but get the tests some other way.

I had very little time after the teachers’ meeting before Jim called for the bucket brigade again.  Though a little rain has been falling and we had a light storm today. Jim said it hadn’t been enough.  I started out at 5.00, intended to quit at 6.00 to get ready for socialism teachers meeting, which would probably precede the socialism class. However, we were late getting started. I was with a group of seniors and when I did leave at 6.30, there was some resentment.

Went to my cottage, changed shoes and got my notes on last Tuesday’s meeting.

Waited in line for a long time, then just before I was in front of the window, the servers ran out of food. We were told to come back after the socialism meeting.

I hadn’t been able to attend the briefing session. When I arrived at the meeting I learned we were expected to test people on the agricultural portions of Tuesday’s meeting. Don and I each took half of the people in the room, questioned them individually. In my group most were older adults who did well in comparison with the younger ones.

After waiting in line a while, I got my food. I hadn’t eaten since 11.30.

Got home at 10.00. Read Holt for a few minutes before going to bed at 11.00.