Edith Roller – February 19, 1978

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19 February – 1978  Sunday
We were not awakened until an hour later today.

I had breakfast at 8.00.

Worked on my journal all morning, writing my reactions to the “Day of Crisis”, 16 February.

Went to the central area around 12.00. Guests from the Guyanese Government were expected. I joined Harriet Tropp who had a demonstration class for adults, since it was Sunday, on Guyanese history.

Two government officials were in the party. Fred Wills, the former Foreign Minster who was supposed to have been deposed but who according to Dick Tropp later in the day, may still be Foreign Minister and the Minister of Education, Vincent Teekah. Teekah stayed in Port Kaituma until later in the day.

Wills did not notice our class at all; the party with Jim and his leadership group went directly to the pavilion where they conferred.  We were released. Teekah arrived before I had left and I heard he wanted to inspect our school. I was worried that he might want to see our school records, some of which I have and which are far from complete. I have done nothing on them. However Harriet told me later that Teekah was impressed with our project and that all went well.

I had asked Dick for a list of the government ministers:
-Arthur Chung is President, Chinese;
-Forbes Burnham is Prime Minister;
-Ptolemy Reid is the Deputy Prime Minister;
-Vincent Teekah, Minster of Education;
-Fred Wills, Foreign Minister;
-Desmond Hoyt, Minister of Development.

I returned to the cottage and read Holt until dinner.

I saw Jim Bogue on returning from my shower and questioned him on name changes in the Bogue and Cordell families. Jim is now called Jim Morell, Edith Bogue is now the companion of Harold Cordell, who took her name, Bogue. Tina is the companion of Bruce Turner and Marilee is the companion of Cardell Neal.

Went to dinner at 5.00. The line was not too bad. We had liver, sweet potatoes and greens.

Got my cookie around 7.00. The band and singers were furnishing entertainment in the pavilion until later but I stayed for just a few minutes.

Worked until bedtime in the cottage. Diane, Versie and V’s child were in the cottage but I went on with my journal, except that I helped sweep out the cottage when Versie borrowed a broom.

Diane seemed very depressed all day which I think was a result of the adverse comment on her permissiveness in yesterday’s meeting.  I tried to sooth her feelings but she did not respond, maybe because it might have been interpreted as gossiping or resentment of authority.

On Sunday evenings it takes a long time for the cottage area to settle down for children to be taken back to their homes and residents to turn off their tape recorders, although the guards announce “Lights out” at 11.00 as usual.  Laura Johnston, who has moved into the loft, had a security assignment during the night and also intended to use Karen’s typewriter in the next cottage when she returned from her security assignment.

I had gone to bed at 11.00