Family Profile: Grubbs Family

Donald E Sly (1)

key: Squares indicate males, circles indicate females, pink connection indicates that the couple was never officially married but were considered in partnership with one another while in Guyana 

The Grubbs Family tree represents an interesting living arrangement as Sylvia, Lemuel and Donald all lived in cabin 3. Sylvia and Lemuel were officially married in California December 17th, 1967. Interestingly, all three of their biological children were born before the two were born.

During their time in Jonestown, Sylvia adopted the last name Sly and began their relationship together. With regards to the children, Kevin and Clark lived in the same cabin while Kelly and Mark lived in different cabins from the rest of the family.

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Lemuel Grubbs

Sylvia Grubbs

Kevin Grubbs

Kelly Grubbs

Clark Grubbs

Donald Sly

Mark Sly