Georgetown Notes from 11/11/78 – annotation

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Sandi – November 11th, Saturday
1) Ask Monroe if he could take Darlene and her little one in a hurry. Explain about [A]pton and Co. (Mrs. Fenwick and Mr. McGlory visit########).
–Tell Freeman and Wong about Mrs. Fenwick and Mr. McGlory coming// give background on visit. Also tell that Mr. McGlory said that Wong’s employees were incompetant. Warn them that Apton and them are coming to try to pressure and interfere with Wong’s own business, and that they can bully because Curtis is a little guy. (?)
–Ann, also ask Mrs. Hopkins on suggested ways to go about helping Wendell’s brother. (helping Perez move.) Antonio and friends were told that Perez would not be allowed to be taken out of the class. This bars Mrs. Fernandes but it also restricts Antonio.
Tell Mrs. Hopkins that there is another ticket that could be used of someone who looks a lot like the little girl.

–If Maria calls, tell her to look for Lisa Layton’s will, and also a paper she signed that states she didn’t want her other family notified of her death.
–Ask Jim: Cleo DeSilva (the boat man) wants to come to Jonestown in the next couple of weeks for an overnight stay before he goes to the US for medical care. He has been a good friend for years, and we’ve tried for years to get him to come up here. (he’s the man who helped us on our boat trip to Florida that time.) Can he come up?
–Tell Ann to pursue inviting guests to the play at the music camp.

–Ask Georgetown again for the specifics of Marion Campbell’s case, and why she needs to go to Venezuela, and clear this with Jim.
–Joan suggests letting the media ### know about these fuckers coming and tell them they are going to try to discredit Guyana.
(Sandi – Sharon is to see Skip Roberts today, and to call Mingo, besides seeing Bollers and Barnewell, just for your own information.)
(Sandi – boat left at 7 PM last night, will stop for an hour or two in Kamaka, and then be in tonight. I told Albert already, and he knows to have truck prepared for Ruby Johnson.)
They said Dawn Godfrey is going to be helping Linda Mitchel in procuring. (money) (until we send someone else into town.) Does Jim think this is ok, or should we stop this until we can get someone else to do procurement. We need people procuring who can answer questions, etc.

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