Georgetown Notes from 11/12/78 – annotation

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Nov 12 continued GEORGETOWN

_ Paula thinks she should get the lie detector tests over with so she can get home.
Paula said that Bunny said we were like a govt. within a govt. And Hoyt said the same thing. So it is interesting that they both said the same thing, and neither have visited. Bunny said he has heard it elsewhere also, and when Paula asked where, he said Paula didn’t need to know where. Paula said if she hears that feedback, she will know it came from him and nobody else.

–Ruby wants to speak to Keith Newsome
–Mark wants to speak to Natasha and (?)
–Diane wants to speak to Darrell Devers
–Calvin wants to speak to Rhonda P. and Joyce D.
–LaFlora wants to speak to Carniell neal
–(?) wants to speak to Inez Wagner
–(?) wants to speak to ______(?), Gabriella, _____(?)

–Sharon has an appointment at 8:30 AM. with Soviets
–Sharon called the press and everyone wants us to drop by information. Catholic Standard // he was polite and friendly (Morrison).
–Tell Carter not to say anything to anyone about anything he’s heard passed
(?) should say this to the Soviets: Madeline. We are facing catastrophe by by the (?) which could easily lead to expulsion from the (?) School. So we are prepared to put up the (?) and (?). This is the end of us. We cannot and will not surrender the Church(?) and money buys anything in this country.
–Sharon has not been asking Paula to do anything, but she did ask her to one thing, visit The Council of Churches.
–Tim Carter will be coming in tomorrow, and might have to stay overnight in the ridge// as the train leaves the ridge between 9 and 10 AM Mon. morning, so he might have to wait for the train on Tues, unless he can catch a landrover.
–Tim Carter said they are very concerned about [McElvane]. #### They said that Mac was introduced to the Board of Education.

–Tim Stoen and Mertles said Kathy Hunter was a friend of PT’s until she came to Guyana, and Guyana reacted so badly. They laugh about that.
They are kind of counting on Helen to do the same thing with // they are counting on Jim overreacting with Leo Ryan and acting the same way. Tim Stoen and his friends have kind of a two-pronged stragedy. That is, if Leo Ryan can’t see JJ and Jonestown, then the press won’t be very friendly and will tell all about what is going on.
They figure if Leo Ryan does get in here, then at least one of the PT people will want to leave with Leo Ryan. And then that person can talk to the press, and it will put more pressure on Jim to let people out of Jonestown.
So their idea, is no matter what, they will be able to break up PT, whether or not they get to visit here.
–Tim Carter was invited to a party tomorrow night at the airport, in Tim Carter got invited to a coming home party. TOS and relatives and big celebration victory party at Stoen’s relatives house where Tim C visited.
–Sharon called Skip Roberts and #### said tomorrow is soon enough. Going to see him at 4:00.
–Will see Soviets at 8:30, then try to see Barnewell, Margaret Ackman, and Skip Roberts.
–Walter Duncan said everybody here, and all the kids, looked scared.
–Debbie Blakey was concerned about Laura Johnson getting beat up, and lots of people are asking about that.
–Should they tell Bunny Mann about all the people coming. They just told about Ryan and the press.
–Sharon didn’t think it was that strange because the guy made the appt. and it was Sunday.