Indianapolis Recorder: Peoples Temple Weathers Hate – Annotation

“Peoples Temple Church Weathers Hate Threats.” Indianapolis Recorder, November 12, 1955, p. 1 – Transcript || Annotation || Archive || Back

The indestructibility of the principle of the brotherhood of all men regardless of race goes marching triumphantly on at the Peoples Temple Church, 15th and N. New Jersey.

The church is organized on principles that embrace membership by all who will come regardless of racial distinctions and has been functioning at its present site for the past several months.

Several weeks ago the pastor, Rev. James Jones, and the head of the deacon board, Jess Parson, received phone threats by anonymous persons threatening to burn the church down if it continued to welcome Negros or members of other racial minorities as its members.

Since that time, the pastor and church officials and members have resolutely carried on, conducted services and holding to their schedule of regular weekday events.

It was the opinion of police officials who investigated after reports of the threats, and impartial investigators, that attempted intimidation was the work of a crackpot resident of the immediate neighborhood which is all white.

Evidence that there is nothing to fear from such irresponsible sources was obvious in the success of the Halloween masquerade party given at the church on Monday night and attended by hundreds of young and older people of both races. Rev. Jones reported that there was no incident of a disturbing nature whatsoever, that would indicate the aim of any person or group to prevent by violence the activities of the interracial church.

As a matter of interesting fact, no act of vandalism was discovered although scores of cars belonging to the party guests were parked in the church’s parking lot Halloween night.

The pastor and deacons invite any persons who believe in the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man to attend and, if they so desire, to become members.

Services are held each Sunday at 11am, a healing service at 2:30pm, and the evening worship at 7:30pm. Sunday school sessions are held at 9:30am and 2:30pm.