Indianapolis Recorder: Volunteer Workers – Transcript

“Volunteer Workers of Peoples Temple Help Other Groups.” Indianapolis Recorder, November 4, 1961, p. 2 – Transcript || Annotation || Archive || Back

Peoples Free Restaurant of our Disciples of Christ congregation, 10th and N. Delaware, has established a plan that our staff feels may help to create good-will and improve the physical appearance of our community. We plan to utilize volunteer jobless men, to whom our institution provides boarding and food service, to improve the properties of handicapped and underprivileged people as well as civic or church organizations that provide charitable human service programs irrespective or race or creed. Although our own Senior Citizens homes, church structure, and related social service plant needs a great deal of improvement and renovation, our trustees feel that a higher ethic can be demonstrated by beginning with needs that are not related to our parish in any way.

We have presently offered a volunteer labor team to the “Little Sisters of the Poor”. a Catholic organization which operated entirely from free-will gifts and servies aged persons without funds regardless of race or religion.

For two months after receiving the consent of the Sister in charge of the above mentioned organization, Pastor Jones, asked each week on the Temple’s broadcast the monetary support normally sent to our church be given to the “Little Sisters” during the June and July period of 1961.

Pastor James Jones, president of Peoples Temple Christian Church non-profit corporation which includes senior citizens homes which give comprehensive nursing care on basis of need; and a free restaurant and grocery serving approximately 2000 individuals weekly, and an active congregation, is the featured guest Sat. eve. Sept. 23, 12″30 a.m. and Sun., Sep. 24, 12 noon on the “CROSS EXAM” television program which appears weekly on WLW-I TV Chappel 13. He is being interviews in reference to his duties as the Executive Dision on human Rights and the rector of the Mayor/s Commisinter-racial aspects of his church program.

Also Peoples Temple will be presenting many outstanding local civic and religious leaders on the fall series of their regular weekly radiobroadcast, 10:15 Sunday evenings, WIBC, 1070 on the dial.

Wilma Winberg