Indianapolis Recorder: World Crisis Conference – Annotation

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World Crisis Conference Continues At Peoples Temple

The awaited World Crisis Conference, under the auspices of Indianapolis’  Peoples Temple Christian Church, Tenth and Delaware, will get underway this Sunday, November 18, with the 11:00 a.m. worship. Conference will schedule daily services next week, at 10:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

The local church has been successful in obtaining the ministries of two interdemoninational and, at the same time, ordained Christian Church ministers, the Rev. Alvan Ball, of Ft. Worth, Texas, and the Rev. Kent Newman, of Beaumont, Texas. Rev. Ball has already conducted one series of meetings of the Indianapolis church. Rev. Newman will be remembered by many as the featured speaker, some months ago, for the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship of the city.

Rev. Newman has been engaged in interdenominational ministry, through his Living Waters Christian Fellowship organization, for the past five years or so. Rev. Ball is an associate in the work of the organization.

God is raising a David-anointed ministry “that will slay the Goliath of denominational traditions and sectarian spirit,” Evangelist Kent Newman asserted in a Texas interview prior to his departure for the local Crusade.

“The walls of tradition are crumbling,” he said, “as God pours His spirit upon all flesh who will reccive.”

Rev. Newman only recently concluded seven weeks in the Northwest where, in Spokane, Washington, alone, representatives of 100 different denominational churches came night after night for almost four weeks, to hear the speaker.

HE is especially concerned, he said, about Latin America, which he asserts is the present goal of Communism.

“With the Communists’ aim to have a Communistic America by 1973. we had better get serious about getting God among our Latin American neighbors,” he pointed out.

Rev. Ball will be speaking in the morning services, during the week of meetings. Rev. Newman will be preaching in the evening meetings.

Special attention has been drawn to the interdenominational appeal of these meetings. Conference Headquarters personnel have emphasized that the meetings are for people of all churches. Significant invitation has been issued to the ministers of any and all denominations. “It is an hour when the whole body of Christ, and all of the ministry, need to band together and receive from God that which is needed,” they said. A warm friendly welcome was assured.

The subject matter for the services has not been announced, although it has been intimated that Rev. Newman may speak along lines of “the supernatural” this week.

This is certainly a time for a World Crisis Conference by Christians, announced the Headquarters.