Jonestown Press Release about Ryan’s visit – Annotation

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Jonestown, NWR, Guyana
Wednesday, November 15
2:00 PM


            Congressman Leo Ryan (Democrat-California) has arrived in Guyana to visit Jonestown. His visit is being made in conjunction with a group of mostly former members of Peoples Temple who have been engaged in a campaign of slander and gross misportrayal of Jonestown. It is evidence that this group has enlisted the support of Congressman Ryan (and representatives of the establishment media) in order to surround their malicious purposes with an air of legitimacy.

            Peoples Temple and the Jonestown community reserve the right not to entertain Congressman Ryan (and others in his company), especially under these dubious circumstances. However, we feel that whatever Mr. Ryanxx may have been told, if he is an honest and objective person, he will easily see through the gross misportrayals, lies and false charges about Jonestown when he visits here. We are, however, somewhat mystified at why the testimony of U.S. State Depart officials, who have visited Jonestown on several occasions, and who have conducted dozens of interviews with residents here, are not sufficient to expose the utter falsity of the charges against this community, and set the Congressman’s mind at rest.

            It has been substantiated by independent investigatxxxors Mark LANE and Donald Freed of the Citizens Commission of Inquiry, in extended visits to Jonestown in recent weeks, that there is a massive conspiracy to destroy the community here. It is also evidence that, whether they know it or not, Mr. Ryan and others are being used by this conspiracy, which is pitting former members of Peoples Temple against present members.

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            Literally hundreds of visitors, including Guyana officials, relatives of members, as well as dignitaries and interested persons from this country and many others have stayed in Jonestown and praised the lifestyle and accomplishments of the co-operative community.