Survivor Profile: Lee Ingram

Marion (Mickey) Lee Ingram, largely referred to in documents and tapes as Lee Ingram, is originally from Bedford-Stuyvesant New York, and was a central member of the Peoples Temple. While he lived in Jonestown, his wife, Sandra Bradshaw, originally from Syracuse, continued to live in San Francisco (Reiterman, Raven, 157). There are no known children between them.

Lee was part of the planning committee in the Peoples Temple, where he was trusted greatly by Jones, and was one of the few in members that were part of Jones’ inner circle. Additionally, Lee was part of Jonestown security, which composed of about 50 people (RYMUR 89-4286-112,169, 186, 225, 239, 277). Their task was to enforce rules and punish those who violated them, as well as prevent potential assassins from entering the Peoples Temple.

As part of the inner circle, Ingram was accustomed to the inner workings of the Peoples Temple. Along with other committee members he handled visitors and provided tours of Jonestown, often spoke during meetings and was one of the few people who worked the radios (RYMUR 89-4286-108,114). His other duties including working as a teacher for adult education and being part of an on call team for counseling groups.

He was also coach of the basketball team, and with help from other Temple members he selected all 13 of the Jonestown basketball team; Jim Jones’ son Stephen Jones was among the group (Reiterman, Raven, 448). On November 18, 1978, Lee and the basketball team were in Georgetown for a scheduled tournament. As result he is among the small group of Peoples Temple members who did not die in Jonestown.

Pictured above, Jim Jones (far left) and Lee Ingram (far right), alongside other Temple members and a guest on a tour of Jonestown

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