The Lionel Luckhoo Dossier

Early in 1978, Jones contracted with Lionel Luckhoo, famed Guyanese lawyer and politician, to help him deal with the legal proceedings in Georgetown regarding the custody battle over John Victor Stoen. Many of the letters he sent to Jones and summaries of meetings between Peoples Temple personnel and Luckhoo were preserved in the FBI files. The documents included here are partial and are transcribed for the first time.

Notes on a Meeting about Tim Stoen – dated April 13, 1978 – Transcript || Annotation || 89-4286-BB-31A-3

Notes on the Initial Meeting  with Luckhoo – dated April 13, 1978 – Transcript || Annotation || 89-4286-BB-31A-4

Notes on a Meeting in which Luckhoo suggests Jones leaves the country – dated August 12, 1978 – Transcript || Annotation || 89-4286-BB-31A-7

PT evaluation of meeting with Luckhoo – undated –  Transcript || Annotation || 89-4286-BB-31A-8

Pros and Cons from a meeting with Luckhoo – undated –  Transcript || Annotation || 89-4286-BB-31A-11-12