Luckhoo Meeting PT Evaluation – Annotation

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To: Hill

From: Mary Ruth

  1. I think Lionel’s examination of the case is perhaps much more clear than anything we could have given you, however I will add a few of the details I know in case he left them out.

A. The Prime Minister, Fred Wills, and the Chancellor of the Judiciary J.O.F. Haynes (top post in the judicial system) are advising Lionel how to handle the case insofar as Lionel does the research and they say whether it is good enough to present in court. The Prime Minister has called four times according to Lionel to ask how the case was going (which is why I think Lionel has taken such a sudden interest in it). The Chancellor has called his several times but Lio has had to call Wills.

B. The court is going to nullify all of the orders for arrest of child and arrest of you and enter at the same time that Jeffery Haas is not even qualified to represent the mother as he has no authority. If the Judge which Joyce appeared before on Friday remains hostile, then it will go before the Full Court and if they won’t throw out the orders, then it goes before the Court of Appeal (which is Chancellor) and he will throw it out. The Judge Aubrey Bishop asked minister Wills why he didn’t tell his government was interested. Wills, according to Wills, informed Bishop that whether government was interested or not, “bad law was bad law.” There is no reason to believe that Judge Bishop will be on our side. If he finally agrees, it will be done quickly; if not it will just take a little longer. It is assured that we will win the case as it stands now.

C. The procedure could be drawn out, however, Wills did indicate that it would be finished before October 6.

D. Wills is keeping a very close eye on the matter. He even knew that Karen was waiting outside of the courtroom when Joyce was inside. However, no was Richard McCoy and his assistant Dennis Reese.

E. I have enclosed a letter which was sent by Luckhoo to collect fees.

F. Karen has not been approaching Langley at all recently because of two reasons. We ascertained that he really didn’t have any large amount of money that he would be willing to spend on her, and then after getting that message, we stopped. It was very difficult to keep up with that anyway because we didn’t have much spare time. However, to even get some of those outrageous fees cancelled would be quite a savings.