Luckhoo Meeting – August 12, 1978 – Transcript

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Sharon Amos

Lionel Luckhoo Meeting with him 12/8/78 Maria K and Sharon

  • he said he was disgusted with Judge Bishop because he handled the case the way he did
  • he said he’s always told us as a matter of law we can’t lose tho in the beginning decision he thought we would lose
  • but he felt that Bishop was embarrassed to say he made a mistake and in court has said that the attorneys were not at all in fault but that he had received influence from abroad/ letters, phone calls and so he was going to send it back to the Chief Justice
  • Lionel said that if he was going to do this he could have done it long ago instead of waiting six months because now the case has to start all over
  • he said it is assine, unlegal, and purine??? because the judge can’t admit he was wrong
  • he said thewhole thing now goes over from the beginning
  • I asked if he could ask Bollers how long it would take/ he said he couldn’t do that but if JJ goes out of the country for medical care then he’d ask Bollers
  • he said JJ should go right away out of the country for medical care/ there is nothing that the govt. would do to harm him and he shouldn’t wait
  • he said JJ could even come to Georgetown
  • I said we were waiting for some kind of written assurance from the govt/ as we had gotten verbal assurances but we had thought that might be why they were doing the decision
  • regarding the case being sent back to the Chief Justice / it would be for re-assigning it, but when I asked if Bollers would take the case/ he said maybe Bollers would take it himself
  • he said Bishop has botched this up more than he could believe in that he had delayed so long and now won’t give a decision
  • I was wondering what our relations should be with Bollers as I am afraid if Hughes hears we see Bollers socially he might say Bollers shouldn’t be on the case.