Luckhoo Meeting Pros and Cons – Transcript

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-Joyce’s constest is based on the Father contesting it; it will be difficult to hold the child without the legal father’s consent.

1-they cannot make headway if the child is in Guyana and not where service is accessible or with the cooperation of the government so no papers can be served.

2-unless there is service they can do nothing

The Registrat, Chief Marshall has no intention of serving the papers without telling us.

-we are buying time which could work for 2, 3, 5 years

-adoption is the only thing that is irrevocable.

3-Luchhoo feels that TOS shoulc contest the action up North, otherwise they are going to be giving custody to the mother by default.

-McCoy told Luckhoo that he had visited our project and found it satisfactory and that was reporting that to Washington. He said adverse publicity has caused some of our problems. His attitude w/ Luckhoo was that he was not interfering on their behalf. (Obviously we don’t know that, if fact it looks the other way)

-Luckhoo has read the Observer and Newsweek stories on us.

Elements in the case that are in our favor:

-1 she has sworn to no affidavit here

-2 Hass has not shown authority or even that he is really her attorney

-3 he has filed no power of attorney here although he had some paper on her behalf

-4 His affidavit is pointless -mother, father???

-5 The affidavit is inadmissable-heresay

-6 There can be no substitute service in this case

-7nno legal service has been made

Hughes knows he has not followed the procedure. He wanted Luckhoo to go to the States so that he could get paid more. He did not elaborate on this point and just implied Hughes was out for a buck.

Basis of our case is that we are holding on to a valid custody documentation.

-asked about if she rescinded it–then we are depending on the father

-technically since both signed it, both should rescind it

-if she goes x-partie, the court may award her provisional custody

If Grace gets absolute custody and rescinds her order

-Grace could get a Habeous Corpus here against Joyce and JJ

-the papers would not be served

-we are buying time as they could come back again and again

Luckhoo suggested some way to buy herxxout .

-he says if you pay her, to make sure it is traceable. I didn’t understand all the reasoning behind this and would have to discuss it further if we decided to do this

-he suggests communicate to her: JJ of course is the father, and he will fight to the end. If you want a major skirmish here or there, keep it up. We will go public on everything. –mentioned a legalistic concept of blackmail (he says –keep the threat of going public as an ace use it. ) In other words don’t go public until we have tried this as leverage on her.

-you should adopt if that occasion is ever possible, say they will make an unholy stink about it

-Hughes does not know the paternity of the child


-said Hoyt is a good lawyer, very cleaver

-he has a good reputation with the government

-he said legally you have a perfect case, unlikely the judge will have the courage to change the situation/ in the meanwhile you can do nothing

-Luckhoo said he himself is not a member of govt or in any way associated with govt.

-Luckhoo said he spoke to Wills and Wills is a strong supporter of PT, he said that he believes our relationship with Reid is good (Wills told Luckhoo this several times before the article was written)

-we should write for appt with Hoyt,

-your position is not any different (dispite Wills resigning), the govt has permitted you to come to Guyana and stay

-k when told we could never give up the child, he said – then don’t, if you take the child across the border, the govt wouldn’t do anything, he didn’t think

-he said Hoyt situation, you can do nothing by belaboring the issue