Memo to Georgetown about departures – Annotation

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November 17, 1978
Georgetown Traffic

–Sandi, for your information: Mark Lane and Garry came in last night. Andrea said they were being “polite” to each other, but we didn’t ask anymore questions because we know #### our enemies are listening on the radio, so we don’t want to discuss anything like that on the radio.

–Mark and Garry will be coming out on Saturday. Jim gave instructions direct to Sharon for them to see several people tomorrow.

–Do ask G-town what flight arrangements they are making for them.

–By the way, we do have 2 medical patients that we badly need to ## get to G-town so they can get to Caracus at the 1st of the week — Edith Parks and Barbara Simon. So if they get a GDF or anything like that, please let us know, as we do have to get these patients in some way. Anita might try to get them on GAC for Sat. if we can’t get any other way in to town. Joyce got the hosp. to accept them, but they have to be there by first of week.

–Russell needs to know from Lee what he promised the PNC in terms of entertainment for the PNC conferecne coming up.