Q-1058-02 Part 1

Jones: (comes on in last of sentence, unintelligible) —always be around.

Voice: Right.

Jones: But each touched the Father. It’s important to you today. It’s very important, because October has its dangers. Synchronize around the numbers that I spoke to you about. (Tape off for two seconds) —(unintelligible) could destroy and kill, thinking they do God a service, as prophecy said, as they did to Jews, the chosen ones. And they’ll do it again. Then we have our Promised Land across the sea, where blessed places are prepared. So tonight’s service will be in Redwood Valley, Wednesday night’s service will be in Redwood Valley, very important — bless you, my brother, bless you — I’m going to be in Redwood Valley Wednesday night. How many will be here tonight in Redwood Valley with us, how many will be with us in Redwood Valley? Sister [Marceline] Jones will be back here next Sunday, I’ll be here Friday. She was here last night, she’s in Los Angeles today, just came back on a mission where great miracles were done for this cause. She’s been thousands of miles away.

There is one picture that you are to get. It is this picture. It was spoken by revelation last week. If you do not have it, have it. It is a picture of me, with the red sleeves, the blue robe, and the American flag above me, with certain hand motion. (Pause) They’ll know downstairs what it is. I’ve never said to have any one picture. This picture, I say everyone have. You’ve never heard me say it. So please take me seriously. I’m synchronizing around this picture against those voodoo, hexing and witchcraft, the white magic, all that so-called negative reversed conditioning, I’m w— putting my positive energy, and when I put it, honey, no hex can stay with you.

Congregation: Applause and cheers

Voice: Amen. (Voice too soft for several sentences)

Jones: (Off mike) Yes, they must be. (On mike) Shh! In the Promised Land, we found a great waterfall that they said was not there, and instinctively we knew was there, that my Spirit knew was there, and it was there, a great waterfall that will create all the electric power that we need. Brother Swi— Brother Swinney— Brother Swinney— Tim Swinney would’ve been killed, logs started rollin’ in on him, and he called my name, and he flipped over three times, went up in the air three times, and the rug— not one bit of harm came for all those rolls of (stumbles over words) of logs that broke loose. Not one bit of harm came to him. Another person had an ax head fall uh— be thrown off and it went right at them, and somehow it disappeared. Disappeared.

Voice: My God! Saved!

Congregation: Applause and cheers

Jones: Not one of our people have been harmed over there. Blessing. Brother Jackson, 94 years young [likely David Bettis Jackson, 84 years old, according to passport], that’s in the Promised Land, working in our deed of permission that 27,000 acres across the sea, where we have a black president [likely Forbes Burnham, Guyana Prime Minister] and a white vice president— I mean, people of all races in the government, and no division. The police don’t even carry guns. Last night we had to get into a case where someone had been beat half to death by fellow policemen.

Voice: My, my, my.

Jones: It was taken care of, and I’m telling you, it’s getting worse every day. And the Boston police said, when it gets worse than some of the police that are working, it’s pretty bad. And the Boston police said, they have never seen anything like the hate in Boston. They had to save black man in from the streets, you know, this past few days. They blocked his car, beat the windows out, grabbed him out, when he was on his way to get his little child from a nursery, and nearly killed him, if the police had not come. We’re living on the verge of violence, and as the food gets shorter, they’re going to take it out on us, those that have been elected to go through persecution and trials, those, the Chosen Ones, so let us get up and get out. Don’t look back on Sodom. If you have anything in Sodom, you’ll perish with Sodom.

Voice: That’s right.

Jones: And some of you got things in your home, you won’t release, you won’t bring your talents, you won’t bring your jewels, you never give up your things, your possessions. You better get rid of them, because you better not look back, God said it. It’ll happen to you what happened to the wife of the mayor, Lot’s wife in Sodom, she looked back and she was petrified.

Voice: That’s right.

Jones: (Unintelligible word) her eyes into salt.

Voice: Amen.

Jones: And I say unto you, the radiation of this day’s hate will do the same.

Voice: That’s right.

Jones: So move, friend, move. Let’s get us a-movin’. Be willing to be content wherever we are. Some of you just have to have the things of your home, your routine, your formality, you have to have it. I begged you to get out of that, because it’ll lose your soul. You’ve got to be able to make your home, when we come to San Francisco, be as home in a church floor as you are when you’re at home, so-called on your own. You’ll be at home wherever you are, because where my Spirit is, ’tis heaven there.

Congregation: Applause and cheers

Voice: Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Jones: (Pause) (mike turned off, turns back on) —know one thing that Wesley Johnson is carrying on, in my testimony work here, and I want you to know also, do not you interfere, not one of you, when people want to interfere with who I have directed to do my work, you are messin’ with me, and it is best that you keep your hands off of those that I have chosen to do my work.

Congregation: Applause and cheers

Voice: Thank you.

Another voice: Thank you.

Jones: (tape edit) —(unintelligible name) in the hospital, and she meditated the picture. (Pause)

Voice: Thank you, Father. Thank you, Father.

Congregation: Applause

Jones: We get all kinds of miracles like this.

Voice: Oh, yes.

Jones: That should be also put in the uh— put testimony, that’s marvelous, those things that happen. No way— No way we can explain.

Voice: Indeed, I don’t. Beautiful.

Jones: Please bring your gifts. (Tape off) —’s welcome. (Tape edit) —is gone now, isn’t it, darling. (Pause) Gone now, hasn’t it? Yes, let’s praise with her.

Congregation: Applause

Jones: (Tape edit) —”ter Jones, I wish to thank you for having me bring up the tumor. I wrote you before, but failed to receive the answer before the miracle was done, she threw up about three cups of blood, I was hospitalized for several weeks, I don’t have the pains— she threw up a tumor. Please give my regards to Mrs. Jones, and tell her, if she wants any more pillows like this dozen I made her, let me know. Sister Maggie Cromwell.” This sister’s in many, many advanced years. Imagine that. Spittin’ up a growth and threw blood— three cups of blood.

Congregation: Applause

Jones: She’s way up there in years. (Pause) (Tape edit) —there was uh, some problem there with that, Mother Terry, of uh— but we certainly will do this. This sister, in the matter of uh, direct instruction not followed— (Tape off for moment) — do or not, (Unintelligible). I want that person, see if we can get them into some nursing home facility that’s uh, closer to the uh, work. Maybe in Los Angeles, (unintelligible phrase) precious people there, the Sneeds. See if something can be done. (off mike) Get on that, and follow through on that— (tape edit) —I want to say, Mrs. Heather Yett [phonetic] had a high potentially stroke that has not been healed. If they had it under me, they’da been healed.

Voice: Amen.

Jones: Do not correct me on that point. I established that as eternal veracity.

Voice: Amen.

Male: We want all counselors to meet in the counseling room downs— (tape edit)

Jones: Would all secretaries be uh, be stated and let it be communicated, that anyone who holds an official capacity, who tells someone to do other than apostolic living— The highest ideal is to sell all that we have.

Voice: Amen.

Jones: Give it to the apostolic distributor. There at the apostle’s feet, that it might be distributed from each according to their ability to each according to their need. (Pause) Do not ever let me hear of the staff, counselor or assistant pastor telling someone to withhold.

Voice: Amen.

Jones: You should be telling people to get closer to truth, because the only way to life is to free yourself in every weight that so easily besets you. Don’t ever tell somebody to hold back. We do not tell people to sell. That’s up to them, if they choose life or death, or they choose commitment or non-commitment. That’s up to the individual. But don’t any worker tell them to lose their soul by holding back. Let that go through channels of secretarial work. Communit— Convenient expedient coordination. (tape edit?) How many do we bring tonight up to Redwood Valley? ‘Course Redwood Valley is going, I’m talking ’bout Bay Area? (Pause) Only five people? Goodness sakes, I better see some hands.

Woman’s voice too soft.

Jones: (Inviting) Well, that’s beautiful. Need some more. Half the bus— That bus oughta be filled. Let’s fill that bus, one way or the other. Come on, friends. In travel now, you can eat quickly and travel. (Pause) Los Angeles’ll go— be going home tonight, yes, but uh— (Pause) Normally we have meetings here, the last two Sunday nights we have, so we’ve gotten a lot of teaching. (Pause) (Hums softly). Shh! I’m not singing for a special reason. Learn to be reverence without music. Love the reverence of the most highest presence. Socialistic— It’s a law of life. (Pause) (Softly) It’s all right, sweetheart. Don’t you worry about it. The widow’s mite and the sister’s mite or the brother’s mite has more significance than Rockefeller’s millions, when it’s given from your best that you have.

Man and Jones talk too softly about ID cards.

Jones: (tape edit) —now removed all membership identifications to 11 years of age, accountability. So people can get identification cards, membership cards at 11. (Pause) There’s a special reason for that. (Pause) (tape edit) —my name, but the Spirit knows. It’s within me.

Congregation: Scattered applause

Jones: (tape edit) —instruments. That’s not fair. That’s puts a burden— Don’t put any burden like you put on Father. He knows that there’s no one that can fill his shoes, and that’s a tremendous costly burden. I don’t want anyone to feel that burden but me. I don’t want anyone to go through that heavy hell but me. Only I will go into hell, if capitalism fully to that degree to have to snare you, till the replacement— I hope it’s a counselor instead of an individual. But let’s learn to use our voices and not depend upon instruments. (Sings) Oh God— (unintelligible word) (tape edit)

Man: — of anything— (tape edit)

Moment of singing and overdubbed tape. Tape edit.

Jones: —entirely from the audience, fortunately I saw the last (unintelligible word). When I stop— step away entirely, hold the flow. Don’t let ’em go by me. Now if I’m here, I’ll be mindful of what’s going on, but when I’m concentrating on a serious crisis like that, giving instructions for something to be done clear off in Texas, then I uh, could just somehow miss an individual. I didn’t. I saw the person uh, the last morning, that I’d seen when I— I was— approached me about six a head, looking— I look at you as you go by me. Sometimes I’m ahead of you before you get here, I’ll have your need, and be thinking on it. (Pause) Bless you, bless you.
Voices: Thank you, oh, thank you.

Congregation: Scattered applause

Jones: For safety’s sake, stop the flow when I turn my back.

Congregation: Scattered applause

Jones: (Pause) (tape edit) —”my hip and leg on the right side last night. I have been in severe pain for nearly one year. I just wanted to tell you, I hoped to testify tonight”— (tape edit) do so. (Gently) That’s beautiful. Isn’t that beautiful? Beautiful. One year. It’s socialism waiting for the revolution, the non-violent revolution, of course—

Voice: Yeah. (Unintelligible) Yeah.

Jones: Waiting for it brought one healing like that, it’d be worthwhile.

Voice: Amen, amen.

Jones: So they’re training for one of our precious black sisters, whole year. That’s marvelous.

Voice: Amen, amen.

Congregation: Scattered applause. Tape edit.

Jones: —coma that he was in, and he— it’s amazing, his mind came back when I ordered it back. Remember when I ordered it back? He didn’t know where he was. They brought him— the doctor said, last hope was his daughter and my— his wife took faith, that’s his only hope, get him to Father, and I ordered his mind back, and it’s been back all these years. (Cries out) Haha! Socialism. God Almighty. And that’s the order in which I see it. Socialism, God Almighty!

Voice: Hey hey. Thank Jim. Ah yes.

Congregation: Scattered applause

Jones: And I can see why she [is] called dynomite. She looks like she could be dynomite for the cause. How you doin’, dynomite?

Voice too soft.

Jones: She’s little but mighty, aren’t you?

Voice too soft.

Jones: Tell her what I said. (Pause) I said, you’re little, but you’re mighty. She said, I’m nice though. (Laughs) You bet she’s nice. Just don’t mess with Father, and don’t mess with the truth—

Voice too soft.

Jones: Thank you. Thank you.

Soft voice: We welcome you into the church.

Jones: Bless your heart. I bless more than that too. (Pause) Your health saved you. Also saved yourself from the hospital extension.

Voice: Well, thank you, Father.

Congregation: Laughter, scattered applause. Tape edit.

Jones: —they called on me, man was attacking them, and, they called on me, and he couldn’t move. Flat up against the wall. Couldn’t move. (Sings out) Hey— (Speaking tone) Sister Himes and Sister Moore. (Sings out) Hey—

Jones and Congregation: (Sing) Hey, halleluia, hey, talk about it now, Freedom, freedom, freedom—

Jones: (Calls out) Once again now— sing it now—

Congregation: (Sings) Freedom, freedom, freedom—

Tape edit.

Jones: Teenagers are— (tape edit) —forever, just— just temporarily impaired little bit. Going be as good as new. (Pause) (Unintelligible word) (Pause) (Tape edit) — bicycle, hit rapidly on the side of the road. There’s a prophecy about him having to watch vehicles. And it’s amazing that he came through. Nobody else did. Even the highway patrolman said, it was a miracle. Highway patrolman said, it was a miracle.

Congregation: Scattered applause

Jones: Just a broken leg. What it could’ve been. (Pause) (Tape edit) —few Indians to the Promised Land. Isn’t this terrible. And I don’t have that many Indians to sendhere, I’m gonna send one. (Laughs) Jan’s [probably Jan Wilsey] going on the next boat to the Promised Land.

Congregation: Applause.

Jones: Boat comin’ in, and the old ship of Zion is coming in— (tape break-up)

Tape off for thirty seconds.