Q 234 – Jones gives instructions to clean up Jonestown for a visit

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Jones: (low audio) at Jonestown (unintelligible word) (Audio comes up) Tomorrow, we have visitors that could include CIA. Osten– on the surface they’re friendly. But you must get under the tent today and hear that tape. Memorize that tape. Memorize what you’re going to say– (unintelligible aside) and (stumbles over words) we have a suggestion list – here putting me– my glasses on now – give you a suggestion list that you must uh, abide by. Suggest that on Sunday or Monday, I– I don’t know, on Monday, there is a community project where everyone (unintelligible under radio) hours taking care of uh, appearance of Jonestown. This is– should be the or– organized by group and has material remedy. Paint– paint, nails, et cetera, and this will supply– supervise cleanup project. Here are some things that can be done. All the décor (unintelligible word) fences in Jonestown should be cleaned off from mud. They must be washed down. All painted where warranted, especially along pavilion near kitchen. By Pop’s house, the fences should also be reinforced. They’re very weak, and the broken places needed to be replaces– need–­ the slats need to be replaced. The X-ray building with an extension needs to be painted. Given the painted part in a warm way, and building looks (pause) dingy. This is opinion of one person. I think there should be an x-ray uh, sign if uh, if Nancy will get that up. So that can be up very soon. But the bond is also dirty, especially in back (unintelligible word). Also the book deposit is back– is in the back, and it’s very dingy. We want to at all corn cribs and all of your (unintelligible word), all corn– cobwebs. We want to get at all of them. Remove them from your homes and your apartments. All apartment dormitory windows must be closed, including the doors. That’s an absolute. Basketball court area, the wooden rail fence near needs to be registered, uh, repaired in several places. All grass trimmed and maintained around cottages. Sp– uh, sports are– areas– (pause) also need to be kept maintained and look that all weeds cuss around– uh, cut around, and some planting done there – emergency, today – to give it some beauty. A little park and some chair-like setting. (Pause)

All grass trimmed and (unintelligible word) maintained, as I said, around your home. If you’re in the cottage, you are responsible. If nobody else, it is your responsibility. I don’t care if there’s anybody else in that dormitory, we’ll bring them up before the public. They’ll get their censure. You do your job. You take care of  it, because one person can. All grass trimmed and maintained. Around trim, sports s– areas, behind pavilions, where new banana trees are planted. A crew should be specially designated during cleanup to go all over Jonestown, just to pick up debris and wood laying around near paths and cottage areas, around the fences, basketball courts, et cetera. Garden areas in front of uh– Apartment 5 near the footbridge are neglected terribly and choked with weeds. This must be remedied tonight– by tonight. I tell all roomers of 5, I give you tonight to remedy that situation. I’m sure the agriculturalist will give you help, but that must be remedied tonight. Maybe some of the residents there can beautify them. Climbing vines on archways leading to East House are dead. That should be replaced. The climbing– The climbing vines. They must be replaced. Decorative frames and fences in that area are falling apart. Pieces are lying around. Entrance to Jonestown front should be very clean and neat, with this– which it isn’t much of the time, according to report. The whole road should be– in to our project should be carefully checked for perils, debris, wood, et cetera, that in someti– that is sometimes left behind or around. The banana tree area at front entrance should be beautified, cleaned up, and dead and unsightly trees should be removed. Piggery. I haven’t seen it for some time, but that should be in the best presentable shape. It wasn’t the last time I was there. All painted surfaces should be scrubbed, (unintelligible word) area dispatch building, vegetable stands and pot-washing areas. All shop areas should be cleaned up to show that we have a welcoming– (pause) uh– that we have an attitude of reception to our guest. Not cluttered, if possible. Areas between warehouse and machine shops should be cleared of its (unintelligible word) barrels, wheels, tires– tires, et cetera. If you’re asked to sing “God Bless America,” you sing that. Uh– “Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light.” You sing that. There is reason in our strategy. All shop areas should be cleaned, as I said. Not cluttered. The areas between warehouse machine shop should be cleared of it– the– its– uh, its items such as barrels, wheels, tires, et cetera. Fence around laundry needs to be painted. Painted aro– areas around entrance need– the bakery, are filthy. They are absolutely filthy. Woodwo– Wood yard behind vegetable stand can be water and neater– can be neater, rather. Grass trimmed, and it must be done. As people come into the main community, which they will be, we do not know. We know most are friendly. The CIA usually puts a plant in every group. All people coming into the main community, they pass the wor– the worst eyesores. Barrels are unsightly and cluttered down by the generator. They are to be moved immediately, today. The banana shed is cul– uh, cluttered with wood, barrels, parts, and could be really straightened up. As far as our Welcome to Jonestown sign, I think it should definitely not be (pause) now used to embarrass us. Such a sign should be placed only in a beautified area. Not in some outlandish big side area.

Bare wood on kitchen buildings, where food is served, needs to be cleaned off many times a day. Fence repaired and painting. A little goes a long way. I wonder if the large mud flat between the radio room and the machine shop can be leveled down more, by the crew working with shovels and rakes. At least it can be improved. Self same goes for the road going past the dining room. It is almost nice-looking, except for a low spot where water gathers. (Pause) Stand by. Question. (unintelligible word) except for low– uh, two low spots, should be made to drain and fill these areas. At– even workups. And the road to the machine shop area, clearing it out, debris and leveling it with the– whatever it works. And explain that we’ve had the worst rain season in ten years. The place where a tractor path cut the foot path by radio room is a very bad eyesore. It should be drained. Something must be done, if it’s just for one day. It’s got to be done. Perhaps Bob Christian, engineer (stumbles over words) person of his supervision with engineering experience, can suggest ways to improve this area and other problems we have. It’s the ugliest eyesore in the place. Has anything been done about the two bad spots in our road into the project? Also I think that putting down more manganese right before our guests can be uh– a problem– can be a problem, since it gets tracked around for a few days until it’s settled. And that is true. That is what our experience last time showed, I do believe. Al Touchette should– could come down and pick up the list so he can coop– coordinate this. It can be coordinated by re-listening to this tape. It is taped. I have broadcast it for taping. We want everything in apple pie order. When you get up tomorrow morning, you are to go directly to the job of cleaning up these areas, and I want Al to have the job coordinated. Al and Lee [Ingram], to have the job coordinated. Oh, yes, (unintelligible word) Lee went to Georgetown. Al and Johnny. Yes, that’s– it was Johnny [Brown]. Al and Johnny. They – Johnny, my son senior – shall coordinate with Al to see that these eyesores are taken away. Thank you very much, and deep love. (Pause)

Uh– Comments for change that would make our pl– our property look more beautiful. Remember, we speak of our (unintelligible – sounds like “front gated entrance”), we have meat every day, they will announce what you will be eating tomorrow, tomorrow we’ll be having fish, we’ll be eating fish. The general family will be eating fish. So all of you talk about that. Fish and rice and vegetables and pastries, and all sorts of teas and coffee. That is important. Very important. Now, anyone else that gives uh– recommendations that we can recommend to the community to beautify will be given a special, special bonus reward, just as these were that put the ones in my suggestion box. Thank you very much.

Unknown Woman: Okay.

(pause of five minutes)

(Note: Part 2 includes Radio communication among four people, and is not part of this event)