Q643 – February 16 White Night

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Girl 1: (unintelligible word) we just come here to run away from nobody. There nothing wrong with the other plans, I’m going (unintelligible under radio) I wouldn’t mind going into the jungle too.

(Pause, radio traffic)

Girl 2: Okay, I choose to go into the jungle, because um– t– go in to the jungle and p– and p– and fight there, and if it– because we can always– if we really uh, want our revolutionaries and want to fight for our freedom, we can always start again together.

Male 1: You know, we only have two (unintelligible)

Crowd: (scattered conversation)

Girl 2: Okay, um, and if we go into the jungle and we see where we are going to have to do– make other plans, we– uh, be– before we go, we– just like we’re doing now, is um, make plans with the Russian and find out our other stre– what other ways– ways out instead of having one or two ways to do it, try to have more ways out, and, uh, go to Russia if we have to, and– and start all over again, ‘cause we all be together there.

Crowd: (scattered conversation)

Female 1: You think our group would– would be able to survive as a group in Russia?

Crowd: (scattered conversation)

(Pause, radio traffic)

Girl 2: No, we wouldn’t. I don’t think we would– We would– we would be able to– We– I don’t think we would, no.

(Pause, radio traffic)

Girl 2: Well, if it– I don’t think it’s wise to go. I think we– we should stand and fight. But if it comes to that, we should, you know, go there and um, if we’re– if we’re bothered any further, uh, which we probably would be, uh, to commit– we’d just commit revolutionary suicide to keep from being tortured by others.

Female 1: Don’t you think would be (unintelligible)

(Pause, radio traffic)

Male 2: I choose going through the jungle with the bull– uh, bulldozer or without one. I mean, we have a– we have a real good chance to me, going through the jungle. The bush is thick, uh, they can’t see us from the air, I can believe that. I– And uh, going to the Soviet, I believe that we’ll– if we get that far, we’ll be able to have a chance to uh, maybe be socialism there and, and hope for the better.

Male 3: Well, how you– how you propose uh– Would you be willing to help take care of the ones that couldn’t (unintelligible under radio) –strong.

Male 2: Sure, sure. I mean, going through the bush, we can be able to uh– be able to go ahead and– and just pull people, if we have to, going through there, you know, ‘cause the path– (Tape problems) that’s a wide uh, type of road going through the bush.

Male 3: But– But you do understand that we’re gonna run out of fuel and we don’t know how far this is going to– how far this is– (unintelligible under audio testing) –without bulldozers, that was it.

Male 2: Yeah, that– I mentioned–

Male 3: With or without bulldozers–

Male 2: Yeah. Okay.

Male 4: I’m for– I’m for going into the jungle and uh, trying to– trying to make it to– to the border and s– and some should get back and try to take care of some of our enemies. I’m for that. And the reason I’m not for staying here is because uh, they know the location of this place and with high-powered wea– uh, weapons, they can just zero in and just blow this place up, and in the jungle, we have a better chance because they don’t know where we are.

Jones: Please answer the questions, ‘cause I’m giving some strategy here for the– with the Soviet Union.

Female 2: I would have two options. The first option would be to go into the jungle. (Pause) The next option would be to take asylum in another– another country that was uh– had the same feeling that we have.

Male 4: Which would you do? I mean, you might not– You might only have one option.

Female 2: Only one option would be to go into the jungle. I would take a chance on that.

Male 5: And then what?

Female 2: That’s first and foremost.

Male 5: Okay. How do you– How do you feel, just like uh– (tape silence for several seconds)

Female 2: I would be willing to do that, and I would be willing to take orders as they are given, and follow them step by step, and not take anything on my own to do.

Male 5: And not leave anybody behind. You’re willing not to see that no one is left behind.

Female 2: I would be willing to take orders as they were given. Not to leave anyone, if the order was given, to see that uh, senior citizens ma– I’m a senior citizen myself, but anyway, anyone that was handicapped and couldn’t make it, or children or whatever, was– was given to me to do.

Female 1: What if you had to give the order?

Female 2: If I had to give the order, I would be willing to do that.

Male 5: Okay. Okay.

(pause, radio static)

Male 6: Uh, I’m for going through the jungle, ‘cause uh, it’s uh– they have a– we have a better chance, I think, ‘cause there– there’s no way of them finding us, and uh, far as revolutionary suicide, I’d rather fight and see their heads blowed off instead of going to sleep.

Male 5: What about some of the tribes (unintelligible under radio)?

Male 6: I’m all for that.

Crowd: (Hubbub, scattered questions)

Male 6: Well (short laugh)– It’s uh– I think it’s better than sitting here and getting uh, blowed away real quick or going to sleep.

Crowd: (Hubbub, scattered questions)

Male 7: What you gone eat?

Male 5: All right, that’s all right.

Male 6: I’ll eat leaves, man. I’ll find something.

Male 8: Okay, the plan that I like least is uh, uh, re– revolutionary suicide, but if it came down to it, you know, I could do it. The best plan–

Jones: Shift. Shift.

Male 8: –I don’t necessarily like the plan of–

Female 3: (unintelligible)

Male 8: I don’t necessarily like the plan of making a stand here. Uh, I think we have a better chance of– if not, even if there wasn’t a country that we could get to, I think it’ll be a better stand, of making a stand in the jungle, because you have more protection than what we got right out here in the opening around here, so– And also I like the idea of being able to necessarily go to uh, uh, one of the countries in Africa to fight, you know. But I would dig making a stand in the jungle, because you have more protection that way, I feel.

Jones: (unintelligible under Male 8)– but afraid of the Indian racism and (unintelligible)

Male 9: I’d rather– I’d rather go to the jungle too, because um, it’s true, you can make a stand out there in the jungle, and it is full and it– and dark like I said out there in the jungle, and if uh, we went to Russia, sooner or later will be a nuclear war, and Russia would– and United States, and uh, we’d be– we’d probably be killed there too. So I think we have a better chance of going into the jungle, and try to make it in the jungle.

Jones: What (unintelligible word)– What’d he say now?

Male 9: I think we have a better of uh, going through the jungle and making it in the jungle.

Jones: A greater chance of what, sir?

Male 9: Of uh, try– maybe surviving in the jungle.

Jones: Surviving? For what, sir?

Male 9: Uh–

Jones: (unintelligible word) you people oughta been doing this. I’m not picking on you, I’m just (unintelligible under radio) I just happen to come back out of my strategy. You’re surviving in the jungle, and you said uh, um, we might have a better chance to survive. Uh, survive for what, sir?

Male 9: To carry on the revolution.

Jones: And what kind of revolution would we carry on in the jungle?

Male 9: Revolution of trying to build this country back up, if uh, it is–

Jones: This country? Shit, we’re liable to be in Brazil or Venezuela. There’s 5000 miles of jungle out there, we may have to go any way, we’ll have to keep going, moving, moving, learning from the Indians, trading with them, getting to be friends with them, share what little we can, and uh, stay away from all governments. (Pause) What– what country are you gonna build a revolution? You people gotta get down to earth. You got– Yes, I’m sorry, (stumbles over words) It’s off. It’s off.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: You’ll– you’ll have to– you’ll have to decide–

Male 10: (unintelligible word) People want to simplify things too much. You want to simplify, and life’s not simple.


Jones: Well. Uh, at the uh, conclusion of one day, we– we’ll uh– Go ahead, go ahead.

Male 6: I think the next osion– option–

Jones: I’ll take this on tomorrow.

Male 6: –would be, is uh, seek asylum. And Russia in uh–

Jones: (unintelligible interruption). Medical person, any medical person’ll have to take a look at the place, like I told you, for the si– signs I told you to. Go ahead.

Male 6: And if we could, uh, if they would like to send us to Africa, we could uh, fight for the liberation of Africa. The peo– The people that wants to go to Africa, and fight over there.

Jones: (Exasperated sigh)

Crowd: (Scattered comments)

Jones: There’ll only be– all– all I’ll accept is a crack troop. A crack troop to sho– to make a mark in USA, which was our homeland, which I never would’ve left, if it hadn’t been for my seniors at– and my children that I didn’t want to see ‘em made mincemeat of. So I have no intention of sending nobody– some to Africa and some here. There’ll only be a crack troop at best, if then, that would go back to USA. If then. We may have to depend upon the crack troop I’ve got back there. We’ll have to be all together. Hmm?


(Radio interference)

Girl 3: Dad, my option is–

Jones: Farene Douglas just had a stroke, you know, back there and I said it’ll be all right, and take care of it, and she’s– That shows you a certain aspect, but you (unintelligible word) the rest of this. You got to believe in it, for revolutionary purposes, because it is real. But she’s all right now, but she was in terrible, hellish shape, and I said, don’t worry about it, she’ll be all– o– okay. But we’ve got to think as if there was nothing but our hands. And a lot of you write in with dreams. Every time we hear dreams. Pipe– yes, unfortunately. Yes, continue.

Girl 3: My option is to stay here and fight. ‘Cause I feel like, if we go through the jungle, we gone lose–

Jones: Go through– Here we go again. Somebody ought– somebody ought to stay with us here. Go ahead, go ahead.

Girl 3: We gone lose our people either way we go. Stay here–

Jones: We gone lose what?

Girl 3: We gone lose, you know, more people, it seem to me, if we go through jungle. By struggling all the way there, there going to be people can’t take, you know, the pain, the pressure, their medica– medication they need, they’re not gone have, it’s not guaranteed that, you know, our fuel gone last, so I feel that we should just stay here and just, you know, struggle it out.

Jones: We got– we got weapons and– we got weapons and bows, and we can eat cattle– we can eat uh, alligator tails and snakes.

Crowd: (Murmurs assent)

Girl 3: Yeah.

Male 12: O– O– O– O– okay, if we– if we make a sta– you know, we gone– we gone lose food, but that’s the first round, (unintelligible under radio)– we plan to win that one.

Jones: Probably two weeks is what– at the onset, after we win the first war. Maybe more. Maybe more.

Male 12: And then– then– After then, we gone make– have to make every preparation to see that nobody is left, when they come (unintelligible under radio). That means that people is going to have to be taken care of.

Jones: He says, that means everybody oughta die. If people have to be taken care of. In the jungle, there’s a chance that some of you youth will survive. I may not. We who are senior may not. And if I can’t make it, I will see that nobody carries me. (Pause) That’s my feeling about it. That’s the kind of revolutionary I am, and I think there’s some others here. If I get sick and have a stroke, nobodywill dare carry me, ‘cause I will roll off the fuckin’ stretcher, and I will fight and drag and fight, and I won’t breathe, if necessary, I’ll claw my own throat open, when I’m no more value.

Male 13: There’s another fight, uh–

Jones: I hope you understand that, and that’s where you ought to be, if you’re a revolutionary.

Crowd: That’s right. (Scattered comments)

Jones: Oh, come on, folks, cut this out over here, will you, please? Young people, cut this out, they’re sleeping.

Crowd: (Scattered comments)

Jones: It wasn’t Regina.

Crowd: (Scattered comments)

Jones: Do you have pain? Okay. Okay. What’s this? How many understood what I just said. You wouldn’t drag my ass, if I couldn’t be of use. My mind’s of any value? Okay, I’ll– I’ll use it. But I’m sure that my– oth– others– And that’d be a hell of a note. I’d probably have to stay alive a while, even paralyzed, ‘cause some people refuse to put their mind in the position that I put mine in. But if you have a stroke, your mind can be affected too. And if you have a stroke like I was bordering on the other night, you can– no longer can talk. If you can’t write and talk, you’re in trouble. I have to love you to take that chance too, ‘cause that’s one thing I never wanted. I would do anything, but don’t please– I said, oh, please, life, don’t let me be paralyzed and unable to talk and of no use to anybody.

Female 3: (unintelligible aside to Jones)

Female 4: (unintelligible beginning) us to do anything– anything.

Male 13: Now that’s not answering the question.

Female 4: I’m willing to give up my child, too.

Male 13: (unintelligible beginning) Are you willing to kill your child. Answer–

Female 4: Sure.

Female 1: Why would you– why? Why– why do you think it would be important to kill your child?

Female 4: ‘Cause I wouldn’t want to leave her back here for the uh, fascists to kill her. (Pause) You know, and torture her.

(Scattered conversation)

Male 14: Okay, I think uh, revolutionary suicide right here would be the answer. I mean I don’t think going into the jungle is the answer, because there’s too many people here that uh–

Jones: Are you making that appeal tomorrow? We got our temporary licenses renewed that uh, could particularly protect our doctor in his function, and the pharmacist. Or do we want to make a total demand for total license. I say, that’s death in a disorganized country right now. I believe in compromise the way compromise can be. I– all I care. Uh, you can’t uh– Sonya, you just said we had to compromise, you said, you were idealist like all of the Soviets were when we– we fought the revolution. Well, I understand the Soviet Union. They’re the vanguard liberators, and they have to compromise, or there’ll be a nuclear war to some degree. As long as they don’t compromise Africa, I’ll go along with that. We’re up here, though, by God, nobody gonna fight a nuclear war in my opinion over us. So we’ve got a different kind of– we got a different kind of variables. We can be purist to some degree like the Soviets were in the days of the revolution and in the days of World War II when they fought with pitchforks. And I intend to do that as much as possible. However, uh– I don’t see the point of making a big issue. The doctors are rising up, which a number of them are capitalist, and that’s why we’re not getting a license on our doctor. They’re rising up, the medical profession, uh, because it’s the first time it ever happened. I think they meant to keep their word, but they’re af– afraid to keep their word now. Because of the so– the number of capitalist doctors say it’s never been done before, why wasn’t it done for us? Doctors are the last to go socialist, you know. And unfortunately, this country did not make all doctors immediately go socialist. So– Cuba didn’t either, but that’s dangerous when you make– Now all doctors in– in socialist Cuba are on government sti– uh, sti– uh, stipend, on a, on a set wage. But not me– not initially. And so you got a lot of capitalist doctor hangovers here. But you got so much fermentation. We– I don’t know whether we want to make an issue saying giving him a pure license or we’re gonna have a White Night, we’re going to have a death uh, stand. I say tomorrow that’s my opinion, and I’m having to make a lot of decisions up here. I don’t like to make them, because you are the people, you ought to make them. My opinion is, we make a demand for an extended license, a license that can be extended, a temporary license that oughta last for at least six months. Shit, by the end of six months, this– the goddamn nuclear war may come and the bombs drop, and there won’t be no more USA, then we won’t have no more trouble up here, ‘cause we’ll be able to fight– we will be the strongest force alive. We’re the seventh most uh– We’re the seventh largest population center in the entire nation of Guyana. There’s our Guy– our country over there. Guyana. We’re the seventh largest. In a nuclear war, we can take over the whole country, because not only are we the seventh largest, we are ten times more organized to be safe. Ten times more organized than anything else. And I don’t think I’m being Pollyannaish or dreaming it all– (Cries out) Stay awake, for Christ sake. (Pause) You passive people. Have you always had somebody to think for you?

Crowd: (Murmurs)

Roller: Yeah, the fascists did.

Jones: M– yeah, that’s true, professor, you answered my own question. The fascists did, and we always let them think, and we’re carrying the same kind of dumb robot shit over into communism. Communism’s supposed to emancipate you and make you a participant, and you’re resting on your laurels and letting a communist now lead you where you used to let the goddamn fascist commercial and all that shit run you through TV. (Pause) That’s what some of you do. You don’t get involved. And it’s fuckin’ dangerous. Go ahead.

Male 15: Uh, I think uh, that– I think revolutionary suicide right here would be the answer. I don’t think going into the jungle is the answer, because too many people uh, I don’t think would– would make it, so I think if, you know, the few people, you know, who would– would have to be put to sleep, I think we all– I think I– (unintelligible word under radio) we all should go together. And I don’t think that’s the (unintelligible word)– and another thing, if uh, if we do revolutionary suicide right here, our faithful members that’re in the States wou– I’m sure would take care of our enemies.

Jones: I think you’re–

Male 16: (unintelligible beginning) That’s because we ca– we don’t– we aren’t going to make no stand, we’re just gone have revolutionary suicide right here and now?

Male 15: No, well– I– I– I think we should make our demands be known–

Jones: Don’t be intimidated. He does not necessarily disagree with you, he’s tr– he’s trying to be– to, well, whatever, (unintelligible word) I don’t want to spoil it. Go ahead.

Male 15: I think– I think we should let– make our demands be known, that if we– and uh– I– I– Iwould think we should, you know, try to stall for time and see if we could, you know, see if we could have some uh, agreement can be made. If– if not, uh, then I– I don’t think we should back off, but you know, just take our stand right here.

Scattered in crowd: (unintelligible under radio)

Male 15: Come again?

Female 5: (unintelligible under radio) baby, and killing your baby before he’s even born or killing it today (unintelligible)–

Male 15: I’d– I’d do it. I have to. Because I wouldn’t want her to fall– I want– wouldn’t want my child to fall into the hand of fascist. (Pause) What was your question?

Jones: Yes, and if they did– if they did take the babies, they’d take them and raise them, you know, you’re quite right, they put them in a situation where they’d be brought up and trained them as little racist fascist. It’s been done in Africa.

Sharon Amos: Um, first of– (clears throat) first of all, I’d like to um, I’d like us to make a threat of revolutionary sui– suicide and uh, make everybody uh, that kind of–

Jones: Another thirty minutes of this shit–

Amos: Okay–

Jones: –and we’ll get up in the morning and start it again.

Amos: I’d like to make a threat of revolutionary suicide and uh, tell (unintelligible word under Jones)

Jones: (Slowly) If you make a threat, baby, you better be sure– As the old saying is, don’t point a gun unless you mean to fire the fucker.

Crowd: (Cheers and applause)

One voice: So true.

Jones: If you make a threat, be– If you make a threat, be sure it can be damn for real. Now there’s something happened here– (Pause) Hold the microphone, I can’t piss (unintelligible word).

Crowd: (Stirring)

Jones: One day– one day you guys are gone drop it, and it’s gonna be hangin’ out.

Crowd: (Scattered laughter)

Female 7: Test test test test.

Amos: The reason– The reason I said threat, well, first of all what I wanted to say is, um, a– (unintelligible under Jones)

Jones: (Whistles) Go ahead, go ahead. Something wrong with the P.A. Something went off somewhere.

Ingram: Why don’t you go ahead and shout, Sharon, while we’re waiting for the fucker to (unintelligible under Amos)

Amos: I’ll try. Okay. (Short laugh) Okay, um, the reason I said threat of revolutionary suicide is, what I was thinking is that we could–

Jones: Why don’t you shout like you grunted when you got fucked one time?

Crowd: (Stirring)

Amos: Okay, the reason I said threat of revolutionary–

Crowd: Louder!

Amos: I said, the reason I said threat of revolutionary–

Jones: That’s it, please. Don’t hold these feminine positions.

Amos: The reason I said threat of revolutionary suicide was that um, I– if– if– okay, um, (unintelligible under radio)

Jones: I haven’t been with you either, (unintelligible phrase) no idea, but surely to Christ, sometime or another, when you were involved in some kind of sexual shit, sh– you made more noise than that. Come on.

Amos: Okay, the reason I said threat of revolutionary suicide, is I was– what my idea behind it was, that we would alert countries that maybe were kind of (unintelligible under radio) like Russia (unintelligible under radio)–

Jones: Feel, I don’t know about. Maybe embarrass, yes, but I don’t believe in feeling. I’m a cynic.

Amos: (unintelligible under radio)

Jones: Did you understand what I just passed over your head? I believe in my feelings. I believe in my character. I believe in my commitment and some people I have educated around me. I believe if you– if you force the Soviets and the Cubans, that they– they– they– they– they don’t– Now what happened there? It was almost back.

Amos: Yes, Dad, and if a thousand people that were going to uh, commit suicide out– revolutionary suicide out in the jungle didn’t affect anybody, then I couldn’t see just giving it up without a fight, and I would um– And that’s the reason I said uh, threat of revolutionary suicide, and I think we should uh, stay here and fight.

Jones: (unintelligible under Amos) I love you all. Just– Just being advocate.

Amos: Okay, and I– And I think we should stay here and fight, and that’s why I said threat, because if that didn’t work, then I just– I– I feel we should fight for what we worked for. And um, I don’t think we– as we are right now, going out into the jungle would work. I think uh, too many people–

Jones: Why wouldn’t it work? Why wouldn’t it work?

Amos: I don’t think it would work. Um–

Crowd: (Calls out)

Jones: Why?

Amos: Oh, okay. The reason I don’t feel that it would work– okay, as we are right now, if we were uh, going to all die together, I don’t– I don’t think everybody would make it. I uh–

Jones: Shit. Nobody ever always makes it.

Amos: Okay, but I– I don’t– um, I don’t think a large group of people would make it out in the jungle. I would rather just stay here and fight and die.

Jones: No. A large group of people are not going to make it here either.

Amos: Yeah, okay, and–

Crowd: (Stirring)

Jones: It’s a damn cinch– It’s a damn cinch, if you make certain demands and do certain things that would, uh– (struggles over words) We have already gone on hunger strike here. We’ve already main– As far as they knew, all ceased from hunger. We– They know we’ve all quit work. Six goddamn days and se– seven days and six nights, (unintelligible) work.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: So the next step– Ah, can anything be done with this mother? Or this father? (Taps mike) (Whistles) They are– They didn’t know– It’s something off, the whole section of it is off. There’s a wire loose, and somebody touched it a while ago. (Pause) There’s a wire in there someplace, you guys’ll get something (struggles over words) off, I’m not an electrical person. Some wire in the back of that son-of-a-bitch. (Whistles) What a night, that is, what a night out there. Nobody– No walls for the whistle to come back. If you only saw that once, it was worth it. What a– what a place to be here where you see the sunrises and the sunsets. If you only saw it once, it was worth it.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: Even the White Nights that made you look at yourself. You come out strong, tough. Sure, people gonna die. Life always ask people to die. (Pause) But if there’s a– (unintelligible word), if there’s a few of our children that stay alive, then we should take strong looks. We should take strong looks.

Female 6: Uh, then my stand would be to stay here and die, fighting here and if we were losing, uh, to (unintelligible under technical problems)

Jones: I hear you. (Pause) Okay, if you start the fight, you getting into the jungle’s gonna be difficult. You have to get into the jungle before you start to fight.

Male 17: All right. Um– My stand is to stay here and uh, fight and um, if I had to, I commit revolutionary suicide, and if my companion was to have a baby the same night, I would put it to sleep and um, that just be my stand.

Jones: Very well.

Male 17: All right. Thank you, Dad.

Male 18: I would– I would be opposed to staying here, because it could be a– it could be a– a black-on-black situation, put a bad light on communism, as you said, I would– I would prefer to take the chances going through the jungle, and then if we had a chance to make an exodus to another country, I would prefer to the United States and bring justice to some of our enemies there.

Jones: Who? All of us go to the United States?

Male 18: As (unintelligible word)– Well, it wouldn’t be possible. The children, I would think, maybe could go to a– a safe country, but I would– as many as po–

Jones: You better negotiate here. You can’t negotiate out there in the jungle. There’d be no contact. You’ll have to negotiate your children and your seniors’ safety before you start in the jungle. Now, that’s my opinion. I like your dialogue. I like for you to open up new visa, ‘cause we ain’t going down here like uh, rubber stamps. But um, I don’t think you’re going to negotiate once you get out in the jungle. The negotiation’ll have to take place– and there’s danger in that negotiation. The way I did it before, I had to get on that radio and get Russia and Angela Davis, I had ‘em on here, and Angela Davis, while we were on the front line, I don’t think she liked it necessarily, but she knows the system’s going to come down in US, she knew that all black people gonna get it, her and Huey [Newton], whole bunch of fuckers– uh, Carlton Goodlett. And they all talk, ‘cause a part of them knows that every black person’s gonna get it. And so while our people were on the front lines of the battle, we piped their– their comments over to us. And they– everybody– the government heard us. Everybody in the world heard us. Russia heard us, and then Russia made the announcement to uh, this government, we have our eyes on Jones’ group. Don’t uh, don’t uh– we’re watching what you do with them. Don’t harm them. And maybe they still have it. But I like to be cynical. Maybe we got all those pluses going on, I still like to be cynical. It’s foolish to count on any kind of a– aces up one’s sleeve when– unless you’re sure the ace is there.

(Tape edit)

Male 19: I like to uh, stay here and make a stand for the land that we’ve uh, already have, and I– if we can’t–

Jones: The land we already have?

Male 19: Yes. And if we can’t–

Jones: Why fight for land we already have?

Male 19: Well, I’d like to stay here–

Jones: Why fight for land we already have?

Male 19: Well, because I figure that we have a lot of young children that would like to someday grow up in a free land, and we have some seniors that (unintelligible under Jones)

Jones: You’re sure of that.

Male 19: That uh– there are some seniors that have never seen any kind of freedom in their life until after they’d gotten here. And if we can’t achieve that, then we should all commit–

Jones: Well, Sister [Margrette] Jeffery said she’s been through I don’t know how many White Nights she’s been through, been a long time here, and she said, she’d a come here if there hadn’t been no trouble, nobody there– nobody there fighting us, nothing– no trouble uh, in the United States, she’d still been here. So these seniors are not all just seeking peace, hell, they had struggle all their life. All they wanted was purpose, I think, uh, most of these seniors came– What’d you come for, peace or purpose?

Scattered: Purpose.

Jones: Hmm?

Scattered: (slightly more emphatic) Purpose.

Jones: I think of lot of you did. (Pause) How many gl– still glad you came?


Crowd: Scattered voices

Jones: Uh, a couple of– Catch ‘em. That’s what you’re supposed to do is catch ‘em. Anybody don’t have their hand. Catch ‘em.

Voices: Hands up. Put your hands up.

Jones: (unintelligible word) put their hand up? Who didn’t? (Pause) Who didn’t?

Crowd: Scattered voices

Female in crowd: Vennie Thompson.

Jones: (Tight voice) Vennie Thompson, stand up please, and tell us why you didn’t put your hand up.

Crowd: Scattered voices

Jones: You had the wrong hand. She had no hand at all. Well, thank you, Vennie. (unintelligible name), keep her in uh, a constant protection. (unintelligible word) (Pause) I tell you, if some folk died on the way through the jungle though, it’d be a great uh– it’d be a great salvation to humanity. (Pause) Go ahead.

Female 8: Well, my first thought was–

Jones: And Reb [James Edwards] knows what to do with them on the way. (Pause)

Female 8: My first thought was to, you know, going into the jungle, but– like, there is a lot of jungle out there, but there’s a lot of peo–

End of side 1

Side 2

Jones: –blacks. And those Indians, we’re no better than they are, and they’ve lived out there for 200 and 300 and 35,000 years without any medicine. (Pause) I think a lot of us are saying this, well, we shouldn’t go through this, we can’t go along without our medication, we can’t fight peni– uh, uh, infection without penicillin. (Shouts) So we die. Half the goddamn world. Will you fix this mother sonuvabitch? (intense) So half this world has died. Two-thirds of this world right now starving to death. What the hell difference if some of us die out there without medical care. I tried. I’ve done the best. Just because I can’t give you the best– I’ve given you practically a heaven here, until the last few weeks, coupla weeks of this shit. So what the hell? What the hell if we die out there with no heart medicine or no penicillin, or nothing but goddamn snakes to eat. What the hell? Some folk don’t have nothing. Over in the ea– in the deserts, the Sahara, where people’re starving, they don’t have water. Don’t have food. What the hell. I’d rather do it, than set here in a White Night anyway.

Crowd: (Applause)

Jones: Where’s the challenge? Where’s the challenge? I’m just being an advocate again. Where’s the challenge you left in a communist? (Pause) (Calms) If you’re layin’ down because there’s a moral uh, purpose to it, but be sure you know what you’re laying down for, why you’re saying, I’m going to make it– ‘s quits here. Because you– Unless you’re dreaming, we gotta have an atomic bomb, goddamnit, before we can win this war here.

Reb [James Edwards]: (unintelligible)

Jones: Yes, Reb.

(quiet voices)

Jones: Hmm?

Male 20: When you– when you got a minute free, uh– (unintelligible with recorder difficulties)

(Several moments of silence and unintelligible conversation with radio traffic)

Male 21: (unintelligible beginning) and the enemy got you, would you turn a hundred and eighty degrees around?

Female 9: No.

Male 22: Dad asked for an opinion. There’s really no right or wrong in this. He just asked for an opinion.

(competing voices)

Jones: Shh. Shh. Hello. Hello hello hello hello hello. Is it any better now? No better now. No better now, no better now? Doesn’t sound it was originally, though. (Pause) It’s muffled, they say. Muffled. Muffled. Muffled, they– muffled, muffled. Yeah.

(Shorter period of silence)

Female 10: –to the jungle, and you know, we do get (unintelligible word) strong people, or young people that we all– we all could pull together and survive in the jungle, and um– To go to the jungle.

Technician: Testing, testing.

Jones: Okay.

Technician 2: Test one, test two.

Jones: I’ll s– I– I’m going to jump around a few, and be the rest of you tomorrow. I’ll jump down uh– I’ll jump down a few. I’ll jump down a few, ‘because we’re gone have to– Maybe the rest of you people, take their names down, ‘cause these people have to be back. Some of the secretaries, here. Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it. I’m not jump– I said, I’ll jump down. Pam, what you– What do you got to say? (Pause) Uh, take the names of the others, will you please? Somebody get off their ass and take the names of– Hold it– I didn’t dismiss you. I dismissed the first man.

(unintelligible conversation)

Pam Moton: I was going to say, that I don’t think that going into the jungle would be the most feasible in terms of uh, completing a revolution. Uh, we have– I feel that we have too many seniorsand too many children that would require uh, too much assistance to go at a very fast pace.

Jones: You think somebody in history might interpret that as inhumane?

Pam: (unintelligible)

Jones: History might interpret that as inhumane that we took all those people out there without medication and so forth.

Pam: I don’t feel that it’s inhumane, I think it’s–

Jones: I don’t care what you– I– I said, do you think history– We gotta think about history. We are communist. We gotta think about history. (Pause)

Pam: I– I think–

Jones: You’ll not know my point of view, honey. You don’t need to try it– All the rest of you, you won’t know what the hell I’m doing. Neither will you know Reb’s. (Pause)

Pam: Uh, I think history may see it as inhumane, in uh–

Jones: History might also see it as inhumane if we get to fightin’ with black people up here on the hill too, mightn’t they? And you can bet they’ll not land in the U.S. Marines. We wouldn’t be lucky enough. And if they did, they’d all be black.

Pam: I uh– (Pause) I think in terms of history, it may look as though as– as they scared us off, and uh, we didn’t compete our goal. I uh, think that–

Reb: Okay, do you– (unintelligible word) If you said we make our stand here and we– and so we went (unintelligible under woman talking close to Jones) and then we– then we gotta take care of our own–

Female 11: (unintelligible beginning) If all this represents potential that we could call it consolidation movement (unintelligible under Reb)–

(Tape edit)

Pam: I think history would respect it more, but I– I w– I was going to continue to say that I don’t know if making a stand here (Pause) uh, like I– like you’re saying, (unintelligible word) could we make the first battle, then what? Uh– You can’t– Do we run the risk of people being captured and tortured as he was talking about? The person–

Reb: We went through that. We gone– We got– We got the (unintelligible word)–


Pam: Well, that would have to come to a– a revolutionary suicide. Everyone would have to be killed. But what I would propose doing would be to start off uh, if– when it came down to it, say, ne– negotiations for uh, to– to go to another country by saying a hunger strike or something like that. And if that didn’t work, uh, then I think uh, revolutionary suicide would be–

Male 21: Talk like you’re talking to everybody–

Jones: Talk aloud, please, please, please.

Pam: Okay. I– What I was saying, was that I think it would– To make certain demands is that to (struggles over words) the demands to go to another country, if the demands weren’t met, then uh, I would commit a, a revolutionary suicide here by like– but he was talking about like burning the fields and the buildings, and send some people to destroy either the States, the people in the States and– like that.

(Tape edit)

Reb: –Pam?

Pam: No, that’s why I propose not fighting. Rather, if the demands were not met, commit throu– revolutionary suicide, ‘cause I don’t think we should fight black troops.

Jones: Carolyn, please, Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn. (unintelligible word) one of the tape recorders. (tape edit) Okay, here, here. Right here. You guys (unintelligible as tape distorts)– You got a point. There may be a– something going on between– It’s not like Jagan [Cheddi Jagan, leader of People’s Progressive Party] (unintelligible under Pam)

Pam: No, that’s not what I’m saying.

Jones: You’d like him. You’d like him. So it’s– Maybe he’s staging, like [former Soviet premier Nikita] Khrushchev beatin’ on the fuckin’ table in the UN, uh, United Nations. It could be. Maybe.

Pam: Well, I– I wouldn’t just give it up like that. I mean, I would try different things, like, if– (Pause) If it came down to that, I– I can’t see fighting black troops. I really can’t. Oh, uh, as– as far as concerning about history, I think it’ll looked fucked. I mean, as far as communism which is for freeing blacks and– and (unintelligible word)

Reb: Okay, well, that– That (unintelligible with several people – including Jones – carrying on conversation)

Jones: (unintelligible) We don’t expect you to answer vocally. He could just nod. This is a possibility. Anything to hold onto it, because our people– We– we don’t expect he could empathize us fully. But we’ve had burnings, and we had fire attempted, just two days ago.

Pam: I– I still think that uh, a mass suicide would be the– If– If other– If other, oh, well, I don’t know if you say scare tactics or– or you tr– you know, try them on different stuff, saying, uh, whether it was offering people to be– to go in and be burned or whatever it was, and if that finally– if a few things like that didn’t work, then uh, I would commit mass suicide, ‘cause I do– I think that the capitalists are scared of dying, and that’s something that they– that would be respected.

Jones: (away from mike) –we have to repeat this stuff over and over again to politicize these mothers, who don’t seem to understand U.S. politics. No, uh– (unintelligible under radio) so we can hold on here. You say, hold on– (unintelligible under radio) gonna move to the right, and we can’t have anything to do with Shagan, and Jagan– Jagan (unintelligible under radio)

(Several moments of silence and unintelligible conversation with radio traffic)

Technician: Test test.

Male 23: Right here, if we– if we– Right here, if we have our store house, they can just blow it up (unintelligible under radio).

Male 24: Yeah, that was my reasoning.

(unintelligible response from crowd)

Male 24: Uh, either– either to Russia or Cuba. And if not there, we– we all go through to the jungle. Because it– I seemed– it seemed like they’re hesitant right now over the– over the– the scene where we’re at.

Reb: It’s a– It’s a definite thing. What it– what– One, do we all– (unintelligible under technical problems)

Male 24: Okay. Well, I feel we should all go to the jungle then. That’s my reasoning. I say– I feel we make our stand, we make it there, ‘cause we have more protection.


Kay: Uh, my choice would be, depending upon whatever the uh– is feasible. (Pause) (unintelligible word) feasible. Uh, I couldn’t say that we go in the jungle, unless it was really uh, necessary, because suppose there uh, that the fascist would come down on us. Then we would go there, because if we make a stand here, and they would come upon us, then what would– what would we have– have uh, proven, you know, uh– I think that we’re here to– that we’re building a– a– a strong communist group, and to die for nothing, you know, without– without any purpose would just not be right. So I couldn’t choose– I wouldn’t choose– I wouldn’t choose without knowing what the alternatives were or what the reasons for it were.

Reb: O– Okay, if you– if– if you (technical problems)

Kay: It would depend on what it was. If– If– If the fascist were coming, I’d say, let’s get out, because it wouldn’t be any reason– we couldn’t fight ‘em, we couldn’t win, so let’s get away and try to build a– a uh, stronger uh, group somewhere else. But if it was to make a stand here uh, as a– and we would– we would know that we would have a purpose and go down in history as a group who stood firm on our ground, let’s die here all together.

Reb: We fighting black soldiers, what you going to say about that?

Kay: Well, if they’re fascist, then we’d have to fight them.

Reb: Well, this is a communist country we live in.

Kay: Well, if you’re fighting communist, then that– then we would– I would say, go away. I would say, not fight them. (Pause) I think we’re– I think, to me, it would just depend on who– what the reason– what– what– what was behind.

(unintelligible response)

Reb: We can– we can– we can’t find out– (unintelligible under Kay)

Kay: Well, I say, stand and fight. Stand and fight.

Jones: I– I didn’t hear Kay, I– I have great admiration for Kay. I didn’t even hear her position. What’s the– what’s the position she– you– you took at issue?

Kay: Well, I would– uh, the only position I could tell you would be what would be backing it up, I wouldn’t know what would– whether– what we were figh– whether it was fascists were coming in on us, or whether communists were coming. And– but if– but the–

Jones: Well, the communist– there wouldn’t be any communist coming in, but what could be, would be black. (Pause) Fascist. If they– If they come in here to fight, we won’t be fighting no goddamn communist. ‘Cause any thinking communist will have gotten out of it. And the– and the possibility they can’t even get marshal enough to come in here. We’ve got– We– The head of the GDF has been in our home. That’s the Guyana Defense Force, Army, Navy, Air Force. He’s black, the com– uh, we know him on a first-name basis. But what he’ll do in the time of a crisis, who in the hell knows what his army’s gonna do. The thing that you have to ke– face, though, if you’re going to go to war, that we might find ourself fighting black people coming across the hill. (Pause) But communist, they won’t be. There’s not enough politicizing. As you heard me teach this group today, they want me to go here and there and teach, and af– after answering questions, there was only three people in there that raised their fist. Politicizing, they don’t have. A black awareness, they have. But politicizing, they didn’t. They didn’t realize how bad USA was. (Pause)

Kay: Well, if part of us can stay back and– and let the rest of us get away, why– and– and commit uh, suicide back here uh, to protect the others, then I think we all should try to uh, go away and– and if they– if we’re going to kill black people, maybe go away in– in the jungle and try to make a– a li– a better stance somewhere else.

Jones: (Sighs) Okay. Okay, it has its merit. Or, commit revolutionary suicide here before we do any fighting. Hmm? And we’ll say we have died in protest to thus thus thus thus thus thus thus. We just– and then indict this fucking fascist country, if it– it comes to that, if it is taken over. It has notbeen taken over tonight, but if it comes to that, make our statements made on the uh, uh, ra– the radio, as I did before.


Female 12: I want to uh–

Voice in crowd: (unintelligible)

Jones: Shh.

Female 12: I’m willing to go out in the jungle and fight through this re– revolutionary war. Um, I understand that um–

Jones: Take us a while. Now what you going to do when you get into the jungle. You’re going to have to find us a base, we’re going to have to hide there awhile.

Female 12: All right–

Jones: And we can hide. And there’ll be– There’ll be some die. Young and old. Then we’ll form again, organize ourselves in wherever in the hell we are. Wherever we are. Venezuela. Peru. Wherever– Shit, Peru right now is moving more and more to the left. That South American map. Let me see that goddamn map over there.

Male 25: (unintelligible)

Jones: It’s nailed, isn’t it. Umm-umm-umm-umm. Peru– P– point out the map there so I can get my bearings. Is that in balance? I know it’s red. But I’m trying to get– Is that– Brazil looks a little bit bigger than it is. That map’s out of– that map’s out of shape. It’s too long, it’s not wide enough. And I think that’s true. We gotta have a balance. We gotta have a balance. Is that exact replica, Comrade uh, [Robert] Christian, engineer Christian? Thank you. Yeah, and here– now here’s more like it.

(Scattered conversation, unintelligible)

Male 25: Even so, this is also– I don’t focus– fold this way,

Jones: Umm-hmm, umm-hmm, umm-hmm. What I like about– Uh-oh, this is way off here. Brazil is way off. You got Brazil– Brazil– Brazil tips right up to Guyana. Brazil goes clear up to the– it goes up north, it touches the no– whole northern, uh, it touches the whole southern border of uh, of uh, Guyana, and it goes even up to the west, the west coast. S’ way off.

Male 25: This boundary is right in here.

Jones: Way– way off here. Way off here. Is it off there too? Does that show Brazil bordering Guyana?

Reb: Yeah, it does, it does.

Jones: Well, this one here has been (unintelligible word)– It doesn’t.

Male 25: This– this Venezuela line is right in here someplace.

Jones: Well, Venezuela and Brazil, we could be– we could do something. Getting approved’s going to be a long (unintelligible word, sounds like “hawk”, could be “haul”?). What’s the color– what’s the mi– scale miles, approximately, to Peru? There’s where– Uh, they’re– They had another– They had (unintelligible word)– The military took a pro-communist turn, according to Radio Cuba.

Reb: (unintelligible)

Jones: Last night’s news. Yesterday’s news.

(unintelligible conversation)

Jones: Only to Caracas? Caracas is 400 miles?

Male 25: Caracas is 400 miles (unintelligible)

Jones: (unintelligible) 1500 miles?

Reb: About a month’s walk.

Jones: A month’s walk. You bet his ass is (unintelligible word under radio). You gotta go through the Andes, don’t you?

(Conversation too soft)

Jones: Some of you people better be doing some studying this goddamn map. We better get some facts. We got some books over there, do some facts study. We’re going to have to have some of that done tomorrow too. The– I’ll ask [Tom] Grubbs and some of you to uh– Grubbs– Who knows the study of the– the continent? Who’s been into that?

(Reply too soft)

Jones: He got a degree in Latin America. Okay, okay. You– Who– Who’s back there– who’s the hand way back there? (unintelligible word) (Pause) Grubbs and uh, uh, Christian. (struggles over words) We gotta study this fucking continent, because uh, we owe to do what the hell we can. It’s not gone be easy seeing people die, but we’ve seen people die. We shoulda felt just as much about the uh, several million that died in Bangladesh two years ago. We got no right to always live, when others die. (Pause) Okay, you have a meeting. When the first (unintelligible word) to tell you to open up tomorrow, so you have a meeting. I’ll tell you the time in just a minute. Let’s go on, let’s get– All right, sister. And then I’m gone jump to– from there I’m gone jump to uh, the sister with the hat, (unintelligible name), I’m going to jump to uh, Christine and then Jane and then Julius [Evans]. And that’ll be– uh, go. Uh, but wait. Get their names first.

(Conversation too soft)

Jones: Go.

(Conversation too soft)

Jones: Uh, okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. Shift please.

Female 13: Well, I’m willing to stand up and fight for this socialist movement. I’m willing to s–

Jones: I hope you have this fixed tomorrow, this sonofabitch.

Female 13: I’m willing to go out in the jungle and fight for this socialist movement. With no doubt. I understand that um, we are now going–

Jones: Well, did you get that message through, I don’t want that fuckin’ shit. Fuck their goddamn monetary exchange. Okay.

Female 13: I understand now that we are going through a matter of life and death crisis. And–

Jones: (unintelligible)

Female 13: I would– You know, I would do all that I can to help, as far as going out and doing what’s right for this cause.

Jones: (unintelligible word under Woman 13) Yeah, well, (unintelligible under Woman 13) He must guarantee us. I think you can say that. He must guarantee us in writing, uh, whatever his intent. Whatever intent, he must guarantee us, that it is (unintelligible under radio).

Reb: (unintelligible word) be willing to whatever– whatever (unintelligible under Jones).

Female 13: That’s right. That’s right. Seniors, yes.

(Conversation too soft)

Female 14: Uh, I want to say I believe I choose, (unintelligible phrase)–

Jones: Well, I think (unintelligible under radio)

Female 14: I want to say, I believe I choose go into the jungle, because when you’re in the jungles, you have uh, a little place to hide and be more safe, I believe. (unintelligible word) we have to leave and go into the jungles.

(Conversation – including exchange with Jones – too soft)

Female 14: Well, because I believe it’s safer in the jungles than it would be here. That’s what I believe.

(Conversation too soft)

Female 15: I’d– I’d rather go to the jungle, because um, I– like you say, if we stay here, that um, we have less time, uh, for– to survive and all. And I think that we sit around here, many of us, and sleepin’ like we do here in service, we ought to be pretty well rested, and I think that we’ve overeaten, and we ought to be full, we ought to have enough to last, to carry us over for a while, and I think we could help the babies, enough young ones to help the babies, enough of us to help the seniors and all, that we can kind of help survive at least for a period of time, a longer period of time, to regroup or whatever, but I’d– would be willing to take chances on uh, the jungle.

(Reply too soft)

Female 16: I– I feel that, if we took a stand here, it may never be– uh, or any kind of stand that we took where we all decided to die, that it would– might never be interpreted correctly in history, and that we owe it uh, our commitment to socialism to stay alive as long as possible, to perhaps start something else, and that to go to the jungle and uh, (Pause) I feel, just as a suggestion, that um, the duffel bags that we have should have knapsack um, things put on them. It’d be good to carry (unintelligible under Jones)

Jones: By the way, you and Lee are going to have to leave earlier than some, so– You decide who’s going to be the first sleeper, but I don’t want that staff left on that gate too. I don’t see anybody coming in here before eight. In my opinion. Isn’t that right, John? But I don’t like to fuck around much more than that.

(Reply too soft)

Jones: Take a movie? (Pause) When they come by uh, (struggles over words) Say, would you take this movie to port Kaituma, and then we got to get it back toni– morrow night, and had diverted, uh, diverted, what movie (unintelligible word) that mother-fuckin’, goddamn thing on France. Send that sonofabitch with ‘em. They won’t give a shit what it is. Gangster, yeah, (struggles over words) Okay, you got it? Get that French movie ready for them.

Female 17: What time will– should we be at the gate, Dad?

Jones: I think you should be there by nine, no lay– no later.

(Reply too soft)

Jones: No later. And one of you can go to sleep, you know, and the other one can– but you gotta– don’t dare both of you, for Chrissakes. ‘Cause that’s where it was saved. Johnny [Moss Brown] and Charlie [Touchette] saved us at the gate. The worst White Night we had. They saved us. They held ‘em, they came in– they came in their– their uniform, they came in and we– they talked their ass to death, until we got to battle one over the radio. And I mean, that’s a sensitive spot you’re in up there. ‘Cause if they’da come in, it’d been all over. We’da taken them hostage. (Pause) We don’twant to be forced in taking anybody hostage. And uh– I think Lee’s little temperament, you better hold the gun. I think he– I think I have that kind of feeling with Lee, I could talk that way. Hmm? Right?

Lee Ingram: Right.

Jones: I think your ass is sicker than shit, then you can go off– (struggles over words) I don’t know of late, I haven’t seen it, but I– I– the brothers, generally too. They looked a little– lose their cool. I don’t know it’s cool, but uh, they’re willing to get into it, the (unintelligible under radio). The shotgun. You don’t display the shotgun either.

(Reply too soft)

Jones: Mmm-hmm. That’s not to keep it from him, because one of you– you’re both on duty. You don’t use that mother and even– unless it’s ur– (Short laugh) You don’t use that at all, except to save you– your life. Yeah, if you pull that trigger, it’s over. (Pause) Okay. Some of you– I hope you enjoyed your sleep. Shit, you oughta be well off tomorrow. While the rest of us stayed up all night. Yes. Come on, let’s– let’s hear it, go ahead.

Female 18: Um, the only thing I– else I wanted to say was that there should be uh– one about– a few trusted people to go on ahead, to kill off uh, our enemies in the States and I also feel that perhaps some other division, uh, diversionary–

Jones: Electricians burned up the water pump?

Female 18: Um– Some other–

Jones: They burned it up? Which fucker burned up our water pump?

Reb: Chuck [Kirkendall], come up– come up front.

Male 26: They switched the wire, and then when they jumped the wires on the– on the post, so they could shut off this one generator– (unintelligible under radio)

Jones: It’s a fine time for you people to– to burn up the water pump. (Pause) You– You guys know what you’re doing electrically?

Male 27: We changed the wires on it–

Jones: Well, you ought to be able to explain to me then how it happened. And who’s responsible.

Male 28: Well, I’m responsible. Excuse me. I’m respon– responsible. What happened, is uh, when we switched over from this– this generator, we had – this generator’s down now – we switched over, and uh–

Jones: I hear all that.

Male 28: Okay. Now, the rotation was– the rotation was backwards. That in itself wouldn’t affect anything, and uh– but uh, that wouldn’t mess up the pump itself. I mean the pump part, not the motor. So I had to go down there and check it. But uh, as far as the ro– as far as the rotation is concerned, you know, we just switching one wire versus another, really, all it does is change the rotation, but it doesn’t affect anything else. The low voltage– the low voltage does affect it. I’m afraid that the– the low voltage must have caused the problem. That’s the only thing I can figure out, as far as why the, the pump–

Jones: Is it ruined, beyond repair?

Male 28: (Pause) It can be fixed in Georgetown. And it– It’s– It’s a possibility–

Jones: Is the armature damaged?

Male 28: Not– not– not the armature. The fuse is.

Jones: The fuse?

Male 28: The– the outer windings, the outer windings.

Male 29: (unintelligible word under Male 28) loose yet, you know, we had the same in that, because the low voltage dropped it, and then it seemed like it can’t pick up.

(Two men talk over each other)

(Several conversations at once)

Male 28: Yeah, right, the fields. The windings.

Jones: (unintelligible) Did we get these pumps in Georgetown? What did they cost? What’s it co– What do they cost?

Male 28: (unintelligible) price for that size, is something like seventeen hundred, twenty-five hundred dollars.

Crowd: (groans)

Male 30: About 2100 dollars.

Jones: (Emphatic) 2100 dollars. Tell ‘em on that– the fuckin’ boat that goes out tomorrow. That fuckin’ boat goes out, they’re going to have to get one.

Male 28: (too soft beginning) And the motor that’s here, it can be repaired.

Jones: I know, I know. But in the meantime, we better get a motor. Can we get a motor separate from the rest of this shit? Can we get it?

Male 28: I don’t know.

(Conversation too soft)

Jones: Yeah, but what’s going to happen with the water down at the piggery?

Male 28: They’re not using the pump (unintelligible under radio)

(Conversation too soft)

Jones: Okay, okay, okay. See if they can get a pump. Do they know where they can get a pump separate, though, they might check and see? Uh, for procure, or are they a reasonable price of the pump part?

(Reply too soft)

Jones: I know we’re gone get it, but we ought to have a back-up anyway. Huh?

(Reply too soft)

End of tape