Survivor Profile: Tommy Bogue

Tommy Bogue, otherwise known as Thom Bogue, was a part of the Peoples Temple at the age of five. At around the age of 13, in 1975, he was living in the communal System of Peoples Temple in California. (Armed and Dangerous, Edith James.) He claims at this time he hated Peoples Temple, at attempted to run away multiple times. He also attempted to help his close friend, Brian Davis, do the same but was caught by the mother of Davis.

During the transition to Guyana within Peoples Temple, he was found by Jones in a warehouse and publicly humiliated as a result of this. In the period of punishment that followed, Bogue attempted to flee with Brian to Brazil. Bogue claims he was brought back with a gun pointed to the back of his head the entire way. He attempted to then leave People’s Temple with Senator Ryan. He was 17, and managed to survive the shooting at the airstrip. He was just 17 at the time. (Armed and Dangerous) Sadly, he would never see Brian Davis again.

Bogue now works in California as a car serviceman and the mayor of Dixon, California. He has done many more recent interviews about his experiences with Jim Jones and Peoples Temple.


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