Survivor Profiles

Not everyone associated with Peoples Temple died in Guyana in November, 1978. Some were in Georgetown working for the Agricultural Project, others remained in San Francisco, and some had defected but remained involved in either supporting their family members or trying to get family members out of Jonestown. The following profiles summarize the individuals life in Peoples Temple and link to important documents that record their memories and testimonies.

Monica Bagby

Jack Arnold Beam

Juanita Bogue

Edith Bogue

Tommy Bogue

Carol Boyd

Stanley Clayton

Jim Cobb

Harold Cordell

Vern Gosney

Dale Parks

Edith Parks

Odell Rhodes

Claire Janaro

Lee Ingram

Archie Ijames

Debbie Layton

Paul McCann

Hyachinth Thrash

Mike Touchette

Tim Tupper