Transcript of Letters brought by Ryan

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Letters Brought in By Ryan

Mary Lou Clancey—— Letter from her mom and dad. -For sometime we have been in contact with people who have children in Guyana or who have been mem[bers] of the temple themselves. What we have heard has not been too pleasant  and we [a]re extremely worried about you and would like you to come home to us. and not the temple.

  We have given Mrs Bouquet the [m]oney to buy you a ticket and bring you home with her. I would have come myself, but my health won’t allow it. Please give it serious consideration. We know all about your non relations[h]ip with Ti[m] [and] [feel] that it is time for you to come home and get back on the track again.

Ellie Beam—— Letter from Jack Arnold. I sure do miss you a lot. I hope you are in good health. i hope i get to see you soon honey, if you ever [decide] to leave Guyana and need help starting a new life. get in touch with me as soon as possible . Contact me thru the human freedom xxxx ( center ) 302[8] [Regent] St. Berkeley, [California] 1-94250—-
1-425-848-1773 Bye for now ill llways help you. Love Jack Arnold.

Betty Daniel—  — Hoping  you and the children are well ( from mom) sorry you left before the baby was born. Write 282-5375 call me collect.

Mike-cris rozynko— Letter from Dad. Has a different Job. Sand and I see each other every 6 months or so. I celebrated my 50th birthday on Oct 1st half a century quite a lot of experience. I feel very wise in s_e ways and very inadequate in others. Learning  never stops etc. Perhaps You and Chris will be present on my 51st birthday. This letter will reach you by Leo Ryan_ a local representative. I hope it finds you well and feeling good. Again remember you are welcome here at any time both of you—- I will be [happy] to help you financially at least temporily until you get started and help you with th_ plane fare if needed. Write let me know whats [going on]

Rozynko— Wite and let me know what is going on in your life. Sincerely your dad.

Penny Carol Kerns— we had our baby Sept 5th at 7:30 her name is Katie Ann Liese. Tells where she hat it etc. if by chance you should see my mother and sister please relay the above  information. Also if you get any word of them please let us know right away. Please send more details as to what is happening now. Please write soon   Sincerely Bruce and Ruth

Letter from Ruth Kern and Husband.

Loretta-Chavis— Letter from Mom said she got her letter and was glad to hea hear from her. Dreamt  she had a little girl. [Gis ad] to know she was well.