Jones’ Sermons – Annotated

Jim Jones started his career as a fairly traditional minister whose desire to lead an racially and economically integrated congregation drove him to become more political and radical. He met resistance in Indiana before he moved to California where his ministry grew exponentially. As a preacher he was approached his sermons extemporaneously, weaving from one topic to another before circling back to address previous issues. His sermons are often complex, humorous, offensive, and subversive. He sprinkled songs together with biblical quotations and reference to Karl Marx. Included below are a series of annotated sermons, ordered chronologically if possible.

Q1058-2 – 1957 or 1958

Q1058-3 – 1957 or 1958

Q1058-4 – 1957 or 1958

Q927 – 1972 (unannotated – 1 annotator needed)

Q356 – Summer 1973 (unannotated – 2 annotators needed)

Q1059-1 – Fall 1973

Q1053-1 – October 1974

Q952 – October 1974 (unannotated – 3 annotators needed)

Q162 – Summer 1976 (unannotated – 3 annotators needed)